THEM RUDE BOYS “Rude Boy Radio” CD Review By: Macavity

May 22, 2012 by: admin


“Rude Boy Radio”

By: Macavity

A new year and a few miles southwest to a different producer and studio and Them Rude Boys came up with a cool new EP, “Rude Boy Radio.” With this offering they did “Find A Way” to get their music tightened up and produced well but not overly done so their clever alternative sounds come through very well. That song is one of the best on the EP but they all are great tunes for any alternative rock lovers.
The one thing I really like about this band is how they incorporate different influences and put out a variety of sounds within their songs such as a great SKA feel to “Only Thing That Matters.”  They turn it around and serve up a more melodic rock in the beginning of “R.I.P. Her” and then add in a harder edge to intrigue and interest the listener as much as they obviously did writing this. “Skater Punk” adds much more of all the bands elements but especially the alt sound for a great tune that appears to be simple but is really a complex and cleverly written song.

There may only be five songs on the EP but each one is worth listening to over and again. Each one has a purpose and highlights the bands talents and range. Get out there and grab it up and pick up their debut as it is really good too but also gives you a perspective on how the band has clarified their talents and sound.

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