“Redshift” by Traverser CD Review By: Matty

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“Redshift” by Traverser CD Review
By: Matty
Members:  David Medairos- vocals, guitars
Jonathan Shaffer- guitars
Robert Spence- bass
David Shaw- drums
Where to find them:  www.facebook.com/traverserband “like” the page
After its stint with Octave Match Records, Traverser decided to create and produce this record entirely on their own.  The unique aspect of this is that they requested fan donations that would help the band pay for equipment and other costs of making an album.  Traverser’s loyal, underground fanbase were very generous in helping them reach their financial goals and they created their latest offering entitled “Redshift”.
“Redshift” is defined as when light seen coming from an object that is moving away is proportionally increased in wavelength, or shifted to the “red end” of the spectrum.  In general terms, it also occurs where an observer detects electromagnetic radiation outside the visible spectrum.  This more commonly is referred to as the “Doppler Effect”.  Through Traverser’s fanbase, Traverser pours all their blood, sweat, tears, and various emotions into “Redshift”.
“Redshift” starts off with a wall of sound that comes in like a sonic assault with the opening track entitled “Atlas”.  I immediately noticed an increased amount of experimentation on this record as opposed to “Telemetry”.  Atlas starts off with a sonic assault, then it blends into a unique, grovelly bass number, with a smooth, effortless rhythm section at the bridge of the song.  Most excellent way to start off the album.  “Atlas” defines what an opening track should be, a taste that leaves you wanting more and to delve deeper into the album.
“Omega” is the second track off of “Redshift”.  We start to notice more atmospheric ambiance that serves as a luscious backdrop into the music.  The ambiance really enhances Traverser’s music, as noticed on the bone-chilling track entitled “Varicose”.  Guitarist Jonathan Shaffer displays the harmonics in his guitarwork extremely well, as it serves as a pen that sketches out the finer details into the artwork in their music.  Without that pen, the colors wouldn’t contrast as much, and it wouldn’t be quite as pristine  without him involved in the evolution of Traverser.
“Crouched in the dirt, you push, you pull, and you separate”- sings David Medairos in the song “Redshift”.  David Shaw’s drumming stands out in this song with different time signatures.  The drumming is the driving force behind this track.  This is undoubtedly, the mosh-pit rocker of the album.  David sounds more haunting than ever, and he pours his emotions into this song.  I absolutely love this track.  I have no eloquent words to put in this.
Traverser does it again.  They create an album that provides sonic assaults one moment and brooding and grovelly bass lines the next, with an intense rhythm section.  This album offers a diverse range of ambiance in their sounds that provide the mood for some deep space exploration.  Their way of creating heavy music with intense, yet melodic vocals is becoming the signature sound of Traverser.  Please go to their website and pick up “Redshift” today.
Matty’s Fave Five tracks:
1.  Atlas
2.  Redshift
3.  Varicose
4.  Singularity
5.  The Turing Machine
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