John Milstead “Sides of the Soul” Review By: Matty

May 14, 2012 by: admin
Out of Tupelo, Mississippi is an underrated music scene, and John Milstead might be the individual to pave the road for natives of Mississippi with his unique blend of soulful rock, rhythm and blues, and reggae.  According to his Facebook page, John Milstead lists Sam Cooke, Marc Broussard, James Morrison, and Van Morrison as his primary influences.  Boasting over 2,000 likes merely on self-promotion and self-management, John Milstead could be the next bright light in the music industry.  He is currently releasing an EP entitled “The Trouble with Love”.  If that suits your needs, then his previous offering entitled “Sides of the Soul”, definitely will suit your needs whether you’re into rock, pop, or rhythm and blues.
“Sides of the Soul” starts with a crooning ballad entitled “Hold Me Like You Mean It”.  Personally, I envision this song to be that first dance at a wedding reception as the groom sweeps his bride off of her feet.  The song is filled with romance, yet the singer wants reassurance from his loved one that everything is going to be all right.  It’s a song that’s moving and allows the listener to dream about the loved one that they covet or wishing that they had a loved one to covet.
“Your Crime” is the absolute mover and shaker type of song.  It’s a song that I could see receiving television placement or on a movie soundtrack.  This is a song that absolutely needs to be noticed now.  It simply has one of the better bluesy-rock guitar solos that I have heard in quite sometime.
If you are looking for an album that simply talks about pure everlasting love, or just need some meaningful and cheerful music to add to your collection, then look absolutely no further than “Sides of the Soul” by John Milstead.  If you’re in the Gulfport, Mississippi area, you can check out John Milstead sharing the stage with Maroon 5, Rehab, and Nelly, among many other artists this next Sunday at the Gulfport Music Festival in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Please go to and “like” his page.  Please pick up “Sides of the Soul” at Amazon, I-Tunes, and Cdbaby.
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