Interview with Jeremy Edge of CANDLELIGHT RED April 26, 2012

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April 26, 2012


Jeremy Edge (Guitars)

Williamsport, PA

By: Shauna O’Donnell

Hi Jeremy, thanks for talking with me today.

Jeremy: Hi Shauna, how are you doing?

I’m good, how are you?

Jeremy: Great!

That is awesome. I wanted to go back in time just a bit. You guys got a really big break early on by winning the Guitar Center “Onstage” contest. The prize was opening up for KISS. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley actually chose you. That must have been an incredible feeling. Tell me a little about that experience.

Jeremy: That was a really cool experience. Our fans helped us win the Pittsburg competition where we got to open up for KISS. They did the competition in twenty-two cities and at the end of it all Gene and Paul picked the winner. It was a great experience getting to open for them at a huge outdoor venue. It was one of the most impressive shows we have ever done.

Did you just open for one show with them?

Jeremy: It was just one show with them.

Do you know if Gene or Paul keeps tabs on your career?

Jeremy: I don’t know if they are aware of what we are doing now, but we are hoping to touch base with them sometime this year and give them an update on where the band has gone. We have a great summer coming up here.

Recently you released your very first full length record titled “The Wreckage.” When did it actually release?

Jeremy: It was in September of last year.

You have two singles so far off the record correct?

Jeremy: Yes, the first single was “Closer”, which we released in September of last year and it got to I think #41 on the Active Rock charts. We have just released our new single “She’s Got The Look” and we will be releasing a video in a couple weeks for that song.

I really love your version of the song. Did you release anything prior to this album, like an EP?

Jeremy: We did release an EP, which actually had a couple of songs that made it to the record on it, but this is basically our debut record.

Who did you work with production wise?

Jeremy: We worked with David Ivory out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He recorded and produced the tracks. A couple of the songs were actually recorded by Rich Rawson and Dave Shaffer, but David mixed all the songs. It was a great experience working with David. He has a great studio and it was cool to actually work with a producer.

Did he participate in the songwriting?

Jeremy: He made subtle changes. He made things more interesting and well rounded. He brought the best out in the songs.

What were some of the important lessons you learned from working with him?

Jeremy: We learned how important it is to do pre-production before you actually start recording. It is important to pay attention to the different parts of the song and make sure that every time you do a different part, like a verse, that it is something new and interesting, so it’s not just the same verse or chorus repeated over and over.

The upcoming video for your single, “She’s Got The Look,” was shot in Stanley Kubrick’s family warehouse by indie video aficionado Alex de Campi. Tell me about the video, what can we expect?

Jeremy: It was shot with a camera called the Red Epic, which shoots at 5,000 by 10,000 pixels. They are using it to shoot a lot of the big movies nowadays. They shot it with some really old lenses and so the live performance came out amazing. They shot all of our concept footage afterwards, which kind of plays off of the whole “she’s got the look”. It’s almost like a tongue in cheek, almost like a Walking Dead kind of thing with a twist to it.

Did anything interesting happen while shooting it?

Jeremy: It was basically a hard, grueling day. We worked about seventeen hours. There was a lot of effort put in, in a short amount of time.

When will it release?

Jeremy: We are shooting for May 1st, but we are still waiting to hear from our distributors. It shouldn’t be long.

You have a pretty heavy touring schedule going on. Currently you are out with Lacuna Coil. How is that going?

Jeremy: It is going good. We did about eight shows with Trapt and then did our first show with Lacuna Coil last night. We have three more coming up and the response has been tremendous. We are looking forward to playing with the Trapt guys again. They were great to play with and they had great crowds.

After that you will go out with Crossfade.

Jeremy: Yeah, we are doing a whole month with Crossfade and it is going to be a blast. I believe that is a Jagermeister sponsored tour. I think all the bands on it are Jager bands. It is going to be a really great tour.

Are you playing any summer festivals this year?

Jeremy: There are a couple in the works. We are doing 94.1 Aberdeen Music Festiveal with the Hollywood Undead and I think we have a couple in the Midwest around July or August. We might know this week.

Do you enjoy being on the road for long periods of time or does it get old?

Jeremy: We enjoy being out here, but it definitely gets hard being away from your family. You miss everybody, but we really enjoy being out here playing. It is really satisfying.

What is your favorite fast food place to eat?

Jeremy: I don’t know, I think it changes. I guess I like Subway because it’s not greasy.

Where are you looking forward to going most on this run?

Jeremy: We are going to South Florida and I think that’s cool because we just got over the Winter in Pennsylvania and we are ready for some warm weather.

Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you would like to go?

Jeremy: We have been to close to forty states now. The only thing I think we haven’t done with this line-up of this band is New York City. We’d really like to play a good show in New York City, so hopefully that is going to happen this summer as well too.

Have you been overseas yet?

Jeremy: No we haven’t. That would be tremendous!!

Thank you so much for the interview. Was there anything else you would like to add or say?

Jeremy: Please keep an eye on our websites and keep in touch with us. We like to keep in touch with our fans. We are looking forward to coming to a town near you this summer.

Tour Dates:

5/7  Lubbock, TX  Jakes Backroom  W/ Trapt
5/8  Odessa, TX  Dos Amigos  W/ Trapt
5/9  Dallas, TX  Tree’s  W/ Trapt
5/11  Beaumont, TX  The Git  W/ Trapt
5/12  Houston, TX  Scout Bar  W/ Trapt
5/14  Pharr, TX  Pharr Events Center  W/ Trapt
5/15  San Antonio, TX  Backstage Live  W/ Trapt
5/16  Corpus Cristi, TX  Brewsters  W/ Trapt
6/1  Knoxville, TN  The Valarium  w/ Crossfade
6/2  Greenville, SC  The Handlebar  w/ Crossfade
6/3  Johnson City, TN  Capones  w/ Crossfade
6/4  Baltimore, MD  Baltimore Soundstage  w/ Crossfade
6/6  Syracuse, NY  The Lost Horizon  w/ Crossfade
6/7  Poughkeepsie, NY  The Chance  w/ Crossfade
6/8  Bristol, CT  Bleechers  w/ Crossfade
6/9  Lancaster, PA  The Chamelon  w/ Crossfade
6/10  Toledo, OH  Frankie’s  w/ Crossfade
6/11  Newport, KY  Thompson House  w/ Crossfade
6/13  Traverse City, MI  Ground Zero  w/ Crossfade
6/14  Flint, MI  The Machine Shop  w/ Crossfade
6/15  Jackson, MI  Avenue Billiards  w/ Crossfade
6/16  Libertyville, IL  Austins Fuel Room  w/ Crossfade
6/17  St. Louis, MO  Pops  w/ Crossfade
6/19  Little Rock, AR  Juanitas  w/ Crossfade
6/20  Kansas City, MO  Beaumont  w/ Crossfade
6/22  Shreveport, LA  Riverside Warehouse  w/ Crossfade
6/23  Birmingham, AL  Crush  w/ Crossfade
6/25  Chattanooga, TN  Track 29  w/ Crossfade
6/26  Atlanta, GA  Masquerede  w/ Crossfade
6/29  Asheville, NC  The Orange Peel  w/ Crossfade
6/30  Charleston, SC  Music Farm  w/ Crossfade
7/1  Charlotte, NC  Amos’  w/ Crossfade

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