Anchored CD/DVD “Listen To This” Review By: Matty

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“Listen To This” by Anchored CD/DVD
Released January 24th, 2012
By: Matty
There are simply two words to describe the Dallas, Texas rock-band Anchored. Good. Times. In a world of mainstream rock that seems to be increasingly depressing and riddled with songs that are about how their parents didn’t love them enough, a “woe is me” attitude, and how they have a life full of shame and regrets, this band brings a breath of fresh air to the masses. They also are a very cool band to see live. They bring the energy and the good times to their live show. I feel that Anchored’s sole mission in their music is for their fans to cast their sorrows and worries aside for a couple of hours while the fans rock out to some feel-good tunes. Another thing to appreciate about Anchored is that they take time in each and every show to thank the men and women that serve in the United States military.
Anchored is comprised of Brandan Narrell(vocals), Matty Clark(drums, vocals), Michael Thomas(Adler’s Appetite and Faster Pussycat fame) (guitar), Joel Estes, (guitars, vocals), and Mark Dzier (bass). They have spent the past couple of years touring with the likes of Volbeat, Cold, Anew Revolution, Saliva, and All That Remains. On January 24th, 2012, they released their CD/DVD combo entitled “Listen To This”.
“Listen To This” starts off with a Rick Allen of Def Leppard fame type of drum beat and a catchy guitar hook entitled “Dirty in Texas”. This track causes the listener to bob their heads and dance like fools to the music. I immediately noticed a Saving Abel meets Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Def Leppard vibe to the music. They have the catchy choruses of a band like Saving Abel with the infectious grooves of Def Leppard and the southern rock guitar style of a band like Lynyrd Skynyrd. “Dirty in Texas” is just a fun song with a catchy melody. The other two singles on this album are entitled “Last Night” and “Savior”.
“Savior” brings the rock and roll lifestyle that this band is becoming famous for. It’s the somewhat typical track talking about groupies, I could see fans of bands like Three Days Grace, Nickelback, and Hinder enjoying this track in particular. “Last Night” is an amazing track talking about falling in love with a woman and cherishing the nights where they would stay up with a drink in their hands and talking until the sun came up again.
“Listen To This” is an album that runs the gamut full of emotions. The emotions range from the good vibes that they get while partying, love, sex, and also the regret of things that aren’t always meant to be in this life, and how negativity from a woman that will bring you down. The DVD is especially an added bonus that will want to make you see Anchored live. This is a bad that pays homage to classic rock while making it relevant to today’s mainstream radio-rock listener.
The five tracks that I would recommend are:
1. Dirty In Texas
2. We Had Everything
3. By Your Side
4. Last Night
5. You
Check out Anchored “Throwin’ Down” with rap artist Snoop Dogg on the aforementioned track on YouTube. Also, check out Anchored on Facebook at .
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