“The Many Sides of John Du Cann 1967-1980″ by John Du Cann CD Review By Matty

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“The Many Sides of John Du Cann 1967-1980″ by John Du Cann
By Matty
If one plays the game “word association” and asks who is the “greatest guitarist ever”, names such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan immediately come to mind.  They all made the guitar talk and brought their instrument to life.  They could make it talk, make it sound sleek and sexy, angry, and in slower songs, make it sound as if it was mourning to the content of the song, and even weeping along as if it came to life in some magical form.  They are all pioneers in their particular genres.  However, this man, John Du Cann, is rarely discussed in mainstream circles at being a pioneer as a rock guitarist.  Names such as Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, and Jimmy Page are more likely to come to mind as pioneers in playing rock-n-roll guitar.  John was so good that he was recruited by Mitch Mitchell, who drummed for The Jimi Hendrix Experience, to be a guitarist to play alongside the “Voodoo Chile” himself, and John sold his guitar to a man named Steve at the Denmark Cafe, therefore that never came to fruition.  John would start a band called The Attack in 1967.  This is where his music career began.
This CD belongs in a time capsule, where one can go back in time and have a better understanding of the pioneering work that John Du Cann did in his days in The Attack, Andromeda, Atomic Rooster, Bullet, Hard Stuff, and his solo career.  His pioneering work helped bring an alternative to Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd in terms of psychedelic rock, to the blues rock offered by mainstream giants Led Zeppelin to his pioneering work that helped pave the way for the likes of King Crimson and Rush in his days in Andromeda and Atomic Rooster.
Songs such as “Magic In The Air” during his days in The Attack, and “Tomorrow Night” during his days in Atomic Rooster even introduced people to a dashing element of punk rock, where essentially it had oldies guitar riffs turned up to 11 and it was sang more with a snarl than with sweet harmonies blending together.  One will immediately recognize the track entitled “Devil’s Answer” as well.  The aforementioned songs captured the collective imaginations of a “flower-power” generation that believed that if they stayed united, anything can definitely happen and world peace would suddenly break out.  This is a collection that has something for everyone, especially if one is a fan of digging deeper into the annals of classic rock history.  This man, John Du Cann, helped pave a path for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and brought classic rock to the British mainstream, especially in Atomic Rooster.
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