Interview with Chris Shelley of AT THE SKYLINES

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March 12, 2012


Roadrunner Records

Chris Shelley- Vocals
Huntington Beach, CA

By: Shauna O’Donnell

The band will release The Secrets To Life on May 8th. Where was the record written and recorded?

The record was written in Huntington Beach, California. Pre-Production was recorded and engineered in North Carolina by our dear friend Drew Fulk. We flew to Sweden where we spent a month recording the final album with Fredrik Nordstrom, which was then mixed and mastered by Ted Jensen in the states.

Who did you work with production wise?

Drew Fulk , along with the band, did the production for the album.

What is your contribution to the writing process?

I wrote the vocals and lyrics along with our other vocalist Mark Barela. Drew Fulk had a hand in helping with concepts and melodies.

How long did the record take from start to finish?

From start to finish, including the writing process, the album took us a total of about five months to finish with the final product.

Which of your songs would you recommend new fans listen to first to get a feeling of what the band is about?

I honestly would recommend any song off of our new album. Each song represents the band as a whole not only musically, but also for what we stand for. Although each song has its own sound, they’re all generally in the same direction as far as meaning.

Which of the songs is your favorite to play?

My favorite song, personally, to play live is “The Amazing Atom.”

I found the album cover to be really interesting. What does it signify?

The album cover conveys the image of a common man yielding from the bright lights of knowledge. He is not aware of the truths behind what he says, therefore is not ready for the truth to be revealed to him.

How long has the band been together? Did you guys grow up together?

The band as our current line up has been together for a couple years now. We’ve known each other from other bands in the surrounding areas. When the time came that we needed a new member we would realize that so and so was a perfect fit, therefore combining to become what is now known as At The Skylines.

What is the music scene like in Huntington Beach?

The music scene is awesome here. A lot of good friends that are willing to help each other out whether it be with getting one another on a show, or promotion. The draw is good, and kids love to come out to support national acts as well as locals.

You are new to the Roadrunner Records family. How did grabbing their attention come about?

Road Runner became interested in our five song EP that we had been shopping for a while. They got in contact with us and we hit it off. We are more than blessed and happy to be a part of the family.

Soon you will be hitting the road with Enter Shikari and Letlive. I believe that is the perfect tour for you. You guys are going to rock together. Will this be your first time touring outside of the country?

It will be our first time touring Canada. We are all extremely excited with the line up, as well as the routing of the tour.

What are you looking forward to the most?

As a collective, I believe we’re all looking forward to having our album finally out. We’ve put so much time and dedication into this product and we want everyone to realize what exactly we did to make it happen. We’re also looking forward to doing bigger national tours and touring across seas.

Who are some of the bands that your dream about touring with someday?

We would love to tour with a lot of our friends. Sleeping With Sirens, Attack Attack, Linkin Park and Slipknot, to name a few would be awesome.

What goals have you set for the band?

We have many goals set for the band. Our main priority, however, is to prove to kids that being yourself, and setting goals and dreams for yourself are not too far out of reach. You can do and be whatever you want to be, and anything is possible. We want this generation, as well as others, to realize that love is still alive, and that brotherhood is what maintains unity.

Thank you so much for the interview. Would you like to add or say anything?

Be yourself, love one another, and never let anyone tell you no.

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