ADRENALINE MOB “Omertà” CD Review By: Macavity

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By: Macavity

Well, with this group of talented musicians there is certainly no silence although they may have an “Omertà” as to how they create such a perfectly synergistic sound on this album. Each one of the guys takes their individual strengths and blows your head off with the best collection of songs to come out from any band in a long time.  It would be really easy to just have someone say they are one band sound or another but Adrenaline Mob has had a clever way of meshing what appears to be the passion of their individual musical tastes and talents into something that is truly amazing and special and uniquely Adrenaline Mob. “Omertà” just blows right out the speakers at you and reminds you they are not the individuals or the past but a great collaboration that take you on interesting travel with many twists and turns with each song.

Just when you think you are going to hear a tune that is one direction it takes you another and gives you a slamming surprise like “Indifferent” and “All On The Line.” Both take the listener on a journey of how the band can handle a variety of chord changes and also tempo and feeling changes all within one tune flawlessly. The latter really showcases exceptionally their talent for harmonizing which many are not even aware they do extraordinarily well. Of course they shred the paint off the walls with most of their tunes with their amazing guitar work, strong bass and pounding drums. One outstanding song is “Hit The Wall” where an amazing bridge of intricate guitar work makes a statement to enhance the lyrics. “Angel Sky” is a huge standout on the album not just for the lyrics and music synergy but just because it is a killer song that shows the breadth of talent the band possesses. One of the most outstanding songs on the album is a cover of Duran Duran’s “Come Undone” and with their distinctive individual stamp they make it fresh, relevant and completely an Adrenaline Mob tune. Not an easy task with such a well known song but they pull it off like no one else could.

Although they may be known for their hard driving guitars, slamming drums and signature vocals, their song writing and structure cannot be ignored. They place much thought into each song and it encompasses every note and also every word in lyrics. Their music is such a standout that perhaps their lyrics get lost. Have a closer listen as they have much to say and do so exceptionally well with the music complimenting the feeling they are conveying and the message they want heard. This is one of those albums that will be a standout in any collection of rock. There is not one filler tune and each and every song has a distinctive message and feel that makes listening over and again a must. This is what you get when you place the best together to make music. You get the very best! Maybe that is what their Omertà is…

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