Traverser Show Review By: Matty

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Traverser Show Review
May 22nd, 2010
Rumorz, Clear Lake, Iowa donate to help them produce “Redshift” “like” the band on Facebook
By: Matty
The date was May 22nd, 2010.  My personal mission was to bring live music back to the hometown area.  In the North Iowa area, it seems to me if you’re not a classic rock cover band or a country music act, or Lynyrd Skynyrd, the music fans of the North Iowa area don’t want anything to do with you.  I played a role in helping to orchestrate my very first show.  Keep in mind that I don’t have a college degree in public relations or the music business.  I also understood that there was an absolute craving and a desire to bring hard rock music live to the North Iowa area.  My reader and my friends, I want to encourage all of you to support local music and your local establishments that make the effort to bring local/unsigned music to your area.  Through my cousin, who is the Vice President of independent label Octave Match Records, (keep in mind that they no longer work with Traverser, but look up the bands Not Tonight Josephine and Fall of Envy, who are both under Octave Match Records), I was put on a mission to schedule a couple of shows to Iowa.  I helped play a role in getting Traverser an opening gig for My Darkest Days and One Less Reason at The Wheelhouse(R.I.P.) in Cedar Falls, Iowa and I also helped bring live music to Clear Lake.  Local Mason City, Iowa band Cloverfield cancelled the night before and Traverser was the first band to take the stage at Rumorz.
Rumorz is your typical small-town bar.  The stage was only big enough to have the drum kit up there, so the band had to play on the floor, and with it being a small venue, there wasn’t really room for moshpits or crowd-surfing to be engaged.  Traverser is a four-piece band from Orlando, Florida comprised of David Medairos(guitars,vocals), Jon Shaffer(guitars), David Shaw(drums), and Robert Spence on the bass guitar.  Traverser draw their primary influences from Tool, Rush, Chevelle, and Textures.  With them going on their first nationwide tour, Traverser had something to prove, that they were a band that was on a mission to take it to the next level, and did they ever.
Atmospheric harmonics started off the show, which provided a smooth transition into their song “Burn In”.  “Burn In” has achieved moderate success on college and their local radio stations, and the crowd was moving and watching in awe of Traverser playing their music.  There were roughly 75 people at Rumorz on a Wednesday night, not bad considering the venue holds approximately 125 people. The Traverser ripped through their set and showed gratitude of their small, yet seemingly growing following in Iowa of all places.    Traverser primarily played cuts off of their “Telemetry” album and also introduced fans to a cover of “Digging In The Dirt”, originally done by Peter Gabriel, which to me, anyone that can cover Peter Gabriel are great musicians, and they played a new song, which will be on their latest record entitled “Redshift” called “Varicose”.  Traverser was quite well-received in Iowa.  Their tight musicianship, harmonics, and intelligent songwriting will allow Traverser to do very well for themselves in the future.  This is evident by them recently picking up opening gigs to open for Sponge and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
In essence, Traverser has a project to produce their entire new record on their own through the Go Fund Me website.  They are going to be purchasing new gear, new equipment for producing, and up-to-date computers and monitors with the proceeds.  With a particular set donation amount, you will receive a copy of “Redshift” with your name in the liner notes, an opportunity to win David Medairos’ personal guitar, and other incentives, depending on the dollar amount.  Also, please “like” the band on Facebook.
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