Rebel Inc. “Rebel Inc” EP Review By: Matty

January 26, 2012 by: admin
Rebel Inc. “Rebel Inc” EP Review “like” the page
By: Matty
I remember seeing many incidents occur during the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  Protesters being arrested without being read their Miranda Rights, people being detained without trial, and police losing their cool and executing acts of police brutality on its citizens.  Rebel Inc., a four piece band out of Clarkston, Michigan and Baltimore, Maryland are hell-bound and determined to wake up the slumbering populace.
Rebel Inc. is a four piece political rock band comprised of Adam Armstrong(vocals), Brian Haverlock(drums), Kevin Sychta(guitars, backing vocals), and Benjamin Oehler on bass.  For being an independent, politically-charged touring band, Rebel Inc. has captivated audiences by sharing the stage with the likes of Seether, Psychostick, Fuel, Anti-Flag, Otep, and many other national touring bands.  Rebel Inc. also received the distinguished honor of being ReverbNation’s June 2011 featured artist, and several other accolades.  Rebel Inc. brings the noise with the opening track of “Rebel Inc”, entitled “March”.
“March” brings the anger towards injustice and the fight towards those that are consciously willing to do harm on the innocent and the injustice in this particular song.  It has a Rage Against the Machine meets hardcore punk feel to it.  Adam blitzes through the song like a thief in the night with this particular track.  “March” can be interpreted in several ways.  In general, it talks about how injustice anywhere is a serious threat to justice everywhere, while pointing out the specifics in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Brian’s drumming skills fit perfectly with each song.  The rhythm is pulsating, yet consistent.  I feel that Brian is the backbone of this band, the rhythm section fits like a glove in the music.  The intro to “Let It Go” is sure to make the listener bounce around in the room and blare the speakers as loud as the speakers can possibly go.
“Why can’t you let me be what you want me to be” screams Adam during the bridge of the song.  He has a sense of urgency in this particular song which stands out to me.  He wants people to stop and take a listen to what he and the rest of his band have to say.  This is authenticity personified.  This song immediately tells me that they’re not going to sellout to the masses and write about whatever the corporate head honchos want them to write about.  They’re going to get their message across by taking it to the streets and standing up for what they believe in.  Protest music is beautiful when the songwriter can paint a picture of the injustices that they see all around them and they want to lure you in by joining their cause.  Rebel Inc. does just that and then some.  I see this band becoming the previous generation’s Rage Against The Machine, and the generations before that that had Buffalo Springfield, Simon and Garfunkel and a lot of other popular music that spoke out against Vietnam and the traditional establishment.  I must talk about my standout song that is a battlecry for this generation, entitled “909 Revolution”.
The first ten seconds of “909 Revolution” sound eerily similar to “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against the Machine, in my ears the similarities stop there.  Then the guitar riffs stick in your head like a bullet to the cranial area.  In a world of a plastic generation that has corporate music force-feeding you formula based rock that is so predictable and generic, Rebel Inc. writes polished songs that will make you feel what they are talking about while you start up one absolutely intense moshpit.  A lot of today’s rock has no emotion and no soul to it, Rebel Inc. brings back the emotion and soul to it.  “909 Revolution” is a breath of fresh air in the midst of today’s music that produces nothing but pollution and smog.  Make no bones about it, this band wants to start a revolution.  They are sick of what is going on in our politics, they want change, and they demand it now.  It’s easy to see why this band was invited to perform some shows for “Iraq Veterans Against The War” shows.  This song wants you to take it to the streets and become the change that you want to be.  The guitar riffs are intense and driving as well.
Rebel Inc. has what it takes to definitely make a name for themselves in the future.  The chord changes draw you into anticipation, the songs are intense, and there’s a sense of urgency and a need for the listener to truly listen to what they have to say in their message.  It’s absolutely refreshing to see a band that is about the message and the music more than compromising who they are meant to be as a band just to sell a few more records.  This band is one of the few bands that I can quite honestly say will stay the course in their music.  This is who they are.  Personally, I want to thank the vocalist Adam Armstrong for emailing me the music to listen to.  If this band doesn’t headline nationwide in a couple of years, I will be shocked.  “Like” Rebel Inc. on Facebook, and check them out on tour, from what I have read, there are few bands that offer the intensity that Rebel Inc. offers in their music.  Pick up their self-titled record at I-Tunes and at their shows.
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