Interview with Thirteen to One By: Shredder Joe

January 31, 2012 by: admin
Interview with Thirteen to One
By: Shredder Joe
So, where are you guys from, and how did you start?

We are From a little town in Delaware named Smyrna.  We started out pretty much with a hang out little jame session between three good friends, had a good time and started discussing the possibilities of forming our own original band.  Project was set up to be for fun, what ever happened, happened.  We eventually got the remaining people to complete the five piece and 13:1 was born.

Who are your main musical influences?

Main influences are really all over the place… goes from B.B. King, to the Foo Fighters, to Seven Dust, Korn, Metallica just examples.. we love all kinds of music so thats a hard one to answer, but those are some of them.

13 to 1 has more of a radio-friendly sound to me. Is that what you are hoping to acheive musically?

Actually we weren’t planning on the sound it just came out that way.. We didnt sit down and talk about what our songs should sound like or if we should write radio frindly songs… it just happened that way.

Checking out some of your song names, I thought they were very unique. Where do you draw influence from to name your songs?

We always seem to come up with the song titles after the song is finished.  Alot of times our Front man Pete Martinez, will choose a title.. They have been related to life experiences, and fun stuff like funny stories (Hang 10-Rambo would be an example) or an idea based of a movie or comic, such as our song Symbiote, which will be on our next albulm.

It looks like you guys have played some pretty cool shows. What are some of your biggest achievments as a band?

We played a Show here in Delaware, it’s an outdoor festivle called June Jam.  We have always wanted to play this event even when we were all in different bands.  This is the event that all delaware bands want to get into.  Unfortunatley it is very hard for origninal bands to get into June Jam.  Well in 2010, Thanks to a good friend of ours we got in.  The Main act at the show had an emergency and had to bail, and we found ourselfs Headlining June Jam.  Very nevous before hitting the stage cause we werent sure how the style of music would mix with the crowd, we were the heaviest band there, and again original.  But to our surprise we started playing, people were moving, singing some of the songs with us, and hey we won them over. So we were asked back to playe 2011, and we rocked that one, and now were going back this year (2012) for the third time.

The Next has to be Playing At strokers Dallas (aka Ma’s RoadHouse on Tru-Tv) in Dallas Tx.  Kind of the same deal, and i think thats maybe always in the back of your minds, wondering how the crowd will react to your sound, and style. But again we won them over, and were invited back to play their Sweet 16 Aniversary party in last October.

What does the band’s name mean to you?

We get asked alot about this…lol, It actually is a compression ratio of a race motor.  kind of came about one night hanging out with some friends of ours one who was big into drag racing, the question came up, what the compression of your motor? and the answer was 13:1.  We all kind of looked at eachother and said it a few times, and said yeah that will work.

What qualities about 13 to 1 do you think make you stand out from the crowd?

We like to have alot of fun at our shows.  We get the crowd screaming, try to get alot of involvment with the crowd.  But off stage is were we think it counts.. we love our fans we always greet them, talk to them sign, what ever they want… if it wasnt for them, we’d be nothing.

What are the future plans for 13 to 1?

We are playing in Autin, Tx in March this year at a big event.  Hopefuly will be heard by some of the right people, but you know thats always the dream, the big dream.  But really we love what we do regardless.  We looking to record our second record this year, Play some Killer shows, and basically just keep on moving forward.. and if anything just have goodtimes, aquire alot of knowledge about the industry and maybe eventually come close to the dream… but if it never happens thats fine… we just love playing.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about 13 to 1 that we haven’t discussed?

Pete Martinez : Vocals
Johny Wetherall : Guitar
Morgan Shulenberger : Bass
Mike Kline: Drums
Jay ills : Guitar

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