Interview with Headroom By: Macavity

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By: Macavity

Hey Dan. Thanks for talking to MUEN about Headroom. Okay so the usual question first. How did the band come together and when?

Derek & Gavin both got fired from their bands and rose up together to start another band. They actually built a studio and practice space in the back of Derek’s house. Gavin already knew that he wanted Travis to sing for the band so that came about naturally. They auditioned several guitar players before they found me. I didn’t want to join at first because I didn’t like the cover songs they were I ran into Gavin at a friend’s house later and he convinced me to join the band! The rest is history.

You have a lot of awards already for a band that has not been around a long time. What have you won?

2008 Travis won Vocalist of the Year (Phoenix Music Awards)
2008 Gavin won Best Drummer of the Year (Phoenix Music Awards)
2008 Headroom won National Band of the Year (LA Music Awards)
2009 Headroom won Alternative Rock Band of the Year (Phoenix Music Awards)
2010 Headroom won Hard Rock Band of the Year (Phoenix Music Awards)
2011 Headroom won Outstanding Debut Release (Phoenix Music Awards)

Which award means the most to you and why?

The Outstanding Debut Release probably means the most to us because of the time and effort put into our first album and after all that’s the product we’re actually trying to create: recorded music for your listening pleasure.

How are your fans reacting to these accolades?

I think it gains more respect from the fans and it also shows that the band they like is actually worth something!

Speaking of fans, where do you play live most and why do you like playing there?

Lately we have been playing at Copper Blues the most. It’s a great place to perform at. There’s always a fantastic crowd that puts up with our onstage antics, the food is good, and most importantly they have a great selection of beer! Copper Blues rules!

Any plans to take the band on the road in 2012?

We would like to go back to Utah and California for some more shows. We’re also looking into sprinkling the Midwest with our live performance as well. Being on the road is so much fun and really helps us bond mentally and musically.

What has been the most memorable thing that the band has experienced?

Probably playing in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. Beautiful town and great people.

You have a cool mix of sounds in your music. How is the music written and who get the most influence in the songs?

Someone usually comes up with an idea or whole song on their particular instrument and then everyone writes their own parts to the song while the person who originated the song mildly influences the direction of the song. Everyone comes up with ideas but I would say I come up with most of the ideas for songs so far.

Do you prefer rock or blues more?

We prefer it all! We have A.D.D. when it comes to music. We can’t play just one genre of music, otherwise we’ll get bored! Blues are my roots though when it comes to guitar playing.

Tell us about your CD and what the songs mean to you.

We worked on the CD for a long period of time…hopefully it shows! Mainly getting money together to record such a nice first album is what took so long. The songs mean everything to us. They are our expression and our little children that we nurture to bring into the world for everyone to hear…lol. I think we are striving to be a band that writes good songs more than anything. It’s nice to show that we can play our instruments well but that’s secondary.

Have you started on a new recording?

We have not but we have one more song to finish writing before we have enough material to start recording a new album. The second album is going to sound completely different from the first ablum. I believe every album should sound different, otherwise musical and songwriting growth wouldn’t be apparent. I am very excited about the new songs!

What is on the horizon for the band for this new year and beyond?

Traveling more, recording the new album, and conquering the universe of course!

Anything else you would like new or existing fans to know about Headroom?

Stay tuned for the new album. I really think the new songs are going to have a greater impact on our fans than the previous album. That’s how excited I am! Thanks for your time and promotion of the band MUEN!

Thanks Dan for talking with us. Keep in touch and let us know what is going on.

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