Interview with Death Metal Band Nephelium By: Shredder Joe

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Interview with Death Metal Band Nephelium

By: Shredder Joe

After reading a bit about your band, I saw that guys have a unique place of origin. Will you elaborate on how/where the band originated, and the area you’re currently hailing from?

Unique, as in uncommonly heard for a Death Metal band” ?

Yes, we originally started in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai to be more precise – in the late 90s. There, we started making a name for ourselves and are very proud to say that we were one of the very first (if not THE first) extreme metal acts to make it out there, and helped forged the local scene in Dubai.

At the time, having a band prosperous in the Emirates was quite challenging, and founding members Alex (guitars) and Alan (drums) decided to relocate to Canada, in Toronto, in 2004.

There finding new members, getting ourselves knows and putting everything in place to prepare the unstoppable machine that is Nephelium today has been a very rewarding and enriching experience.

Friggin’cold though in Canada, eh ? Going from extreme heat in Dubai to extreme winter in Toronto takes some time getting used to… but we’re extreme people so that’s okay

If you were to pin-point three bands that hold the most influence over your own music, who would they be?

Geez, only three…? We got so many great influences… Ok, so we will have to go with Decapitated, Suffocation, and “old school” Morbid Angel.

As a musician, I’m always interested in knowing how other bands go about their songwriting process. How do you guys do it ?

Basically we start off with a couple of ideas, then build a skeleton that we can work with. Then everyone makes suggestion, additions and changes. We keep going back and changing things until it is exactly the way we want it, but it is a true collaborative effort. We always feed off each other’s ideas, and keep it consistent with the theme and lyrics. And we’re picky as hell too, so an “okay” riff is not an option.

Since we’re on the topic of songwriting, I noticed you have written some rather lengthy songs. Is there any particular reason for that?

The reason for us having some songs clocking at close to 10 minutes, is really because we had a story to tell. Not only lyrically, but musically. Coils of Entropy being a concept album, once we went through the writing process outlined above we had a clear idea of what we wanted, and we would not have done it any other way in this case.

Just like in popular book franchises that made it to movies, if there is ever a feature film about Nephelium, it will definitely have to be split (Coils of Entropy, part I and II) ;)

Joke aside, this may, or may not be the case in our future releases : you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

I see that Nephelium has garnered some great press so far. What do you think it takes to get your music into such good hands?

I know ! That’s awesome, we are thrilled of all the positive review we saw coming our way. There are no tricks or secrets of the trade to achieve that : you HAVE to work with professionals. For our promotion we are collaborating with Jon Asher, media publicist. He is THE man and is doing an amazing job ( And No : he did not ask me to put this here ;)

To be successful in music, it’s not just playing shows and recording tracks, there are a lot of different aspects to consider (most of us musicians are always learning as we go), and the best way to go at it is to work with the best people money can buy. We followed that approach with our recording, mastering, artwork, logo design and now media relations and other surprises coming up.

So, what is the meaning of the name “Nephelium”, and what personal significance does is have to all of you?

Nephelium, as referred to in the King James version of the bible, were beings of superior genetic composition, often giants, and were the offspring of fallen angels from the heavens and women from Earth. This cross breed species, down the generations, is believed to have resulted in the human beings that we are today, with our flaws and sins.

Similar references are made in different religions, and it is easy to make the hypothesis that these stories were actually primitive retelling of visitors from another planet fucking up with DNA of apes to create mankind.

This theme is talking to all of us, we blend religion and technology to tell stories and write music from different perspectives around this central concept.

Whatever religion you believe in, there’s something there that will peak your interest (if not blow your mind), and we truly believe that every metalhead on this planet became metalheads because they are subconsciously aware of their “inner power” è every metalhead is a descendant of the Nephelium (!!!!!!)

How do you feel about the current state of metal music? Do you feel there are a lot of great acts coming out of the woodwork?

I think metal music is in a really interesting state right now : You have new surprising acts coming out, but also a lot of comebacks and reunion tours of older bands. Established artists always strive to do the best, some even taking courageous risks. Plus, with the digital world we live in, there more and more bands with their stuff out there, and once you clean up the crap you can find some serious gems !

I’m really curious to see how this industry will evolve, with social media and overabundance, so it’s going to be a thrilling ride that Nephelium will take from the inside.

What overall message do you hope to convey with your debut release, “Coils of Entropy”? (That’s a really sick album name, by the way).

Yeah, thanks a lot ! Classic “noun+of+noun” combo : always a winner !

Seriously, as stated above we have a story to tell (by way of Brutal Tech Death Metal) and a statement to make :

We in Nephelium play the music that we always wanted to hear more often from our favourite bands, pushing it further with our own personalities, and we are very proud to have finally put our masterpiece out.

We are confident that any extreme metal fan will like it in their own, personal way. But don’t take our word for it, give it a listen and let’s talk after

Have you guys done any touring, and do you have any plans to tour in the somewhat near future?

We played shows here and there, but no formal tour yet. And YES it is in the works, we are currently working out some details, but going on the road is definitely an objective of Nephelium. We will be a touring band, so be ready for this. Or don’t be ready, doesn’t matter : we’re coming anyways

What are the overall goals, or what is the single overall goal, of Nephelium?

Our goal is to get exposure, get our shit out there, get people to know and like what we do, and connect interact with as many metalheads as possible all over the world. From the most casual of fans, to the most dedicated person who makes a living out of it, and every passionate headbanger in between, including bands, press, promoters, etc… After all, we are all genetic descendants of a superior race (the Nephelium) and are aware of our inner strengths, so let’s all express it in metal, Nephelium style !

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