Interview with Adam D of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE AT NAMM 2012

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January 21, 2012


Roadrunner Records

Adam D (Guitar)

Westfield, Massachusetts

By: Shauna O’Donnell

Hi Adam, thanks for talking with me today.


We are here at NAMM. Are you having a good time?

Ummm, yes, maybe.

Are they keeping you busy?

Yeah, we are pretty busy thus far. I’m just very confused, it is very busy, there are so many people and so many LOUD noises.

Have you run into a lot of people you know?

Yes, tons actually. That is adding to the confusion today.

How many booths will you be doing signings at?

I believe that I will be at three or four booths today.

What do you love most about being here at NAMM?

I’m enjoying the warm weather. It just snowed half a foot where I live in Massachusetts. It’s pretty awful. The older I get, the less tolerant of winter I get.

Recently you parted ways with Howard Jones the vocalist of the band for nine years. I’m sure that has been really difficult for you. How is the search going for the new singer?

It’s going really good. We are going to start trying some of the people out next week. We’ve already got some try-outs started and the people that tried out did fantastic. It is literally down to finding the right dude for the job.

Was Jesse Leach considered?

Uh, you know, of course. He is definitely a great singer and I’m in another band with him. I love making music with Jesse, so yeah, but there are a lot of good singers out there.

How many applicants have you had?

Oh I don’t even know, there’s tons! Our managers are freakin out right now because they are the one’s that are receiving all the applicants. It’s a lot!

Is there a specific timeline in which to find one or are you going to take your time?

Well we definitely want to do that tour that we had set up in Europe in June. We have a tour set up in June, so I think we can be ready for that no problem.

Are you looking for anything in particular this time around in a singer besides a great voice?

They have to be a nice dude too. That’s kind of important, so we want that. They have to be talented. That is pretty much it.

I read that a sixth studio album is in the works. How does that work? Do you write individually and then bring it all together?

Exactly, yeah, we all kind of write separately, do our best to finish a song on our own and then we all bring the songs to practice and talk about them. If one person has an idea then we just kind of take it from there and fix songs up one at a time.

Who will write the lyrics?

I would imagine the new singer. As a producer, I always feel like if the singer can have their stamp on the songs, they will feel more invested and involved in the song. If they are singing their own lyrics, they will believe it a little more and have a little more conviction behind it.

How many songs are ready?

Musically, we have fourteen, so we’re cruisin!

So you will enter the studio probably next month then?

Actually we are entering the studio on March 12th.

Right before St. Patrick’s Day.

Yeah, I’m doing a marathon on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m a runner, I love running. Then I’m going to get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day.

You’re going to get the exercise in first. That’s the way it should be.

Yes, exactly!

When do you guys usually choose a title for your records?

It depends. We have had records where we don’t choose it until the last minute and we have had records where we choose it after we write the first couple songs. It all depends on if we are going to base things off a theme in a song or something like that.

Are we looking at a summer release?

Probably more autumn because it depends on how quickly the new singer gets up to speed on the old stuff and how quickly they are able to write lyrics for the new stuff.

I know you produce or co-produced all of the KsE records? Have you chosen a producer for this album?

I think I’m going to do this one as long as the guys are cool with it.

Are you still working at Zing Recording Studios or are you doing your own thing now?

I’m at Zing once in a while. I don’t ever want to own a studio. EVER! They are expensive and every studio is tanking nowadays. No one records in big studios anymore. How many studios have closed in the past five years? It is ridiculous.

Do you like producing for unsigned bands?

As long as I can find something about the music that I enjoy. I think that should be every producer’s gig, to find a band that has potential to be something more.

You have produced for a lot of bands in the hard rock/metal genres. Have you ever considered stepping outside that box and producing for other genres?

I really would because I listen to all sorts of music, all genres and I enjoy it.

All of you keep busy with other projects I see. What’s happening with Times of Grace?

We are headed to Australia in three weeks. We are doing the Soundwave Festival. I started writing a couple songs, so maybe we will put out another record.

You guys have played just about every festival there is. Is there one you haven’t played?

Seriously, I can’t think of one we haven’t done.

So I heard that you paid a little visit to the Bricklane Curry House with a Roadrunner staff member a while back and tried the Phaal. I heard it is home of the hottest curry in the country/world.

They claim that, but it wasn’t.

It wasn’t? But I heard that the chefs have to wear gas masks so they don’t die.

I’ve actually eaten curry hotter than that. I couldn’t finish it. That one I finished. I got the certificate and everything. I had one in Newcastle, England, I had five bites and I was sick for three days it was so hot.

I bet that didn’t feel good coming out the next day.

No, no, no, literally I was sick for three days.

So, you like spicy food?

YES!!! Very much! The hotter the better as long as I don’t get sick for three days.

Thank you so much for the interview. Would you like to add or say anything else before I let you go?

No problem, thanks to our fans for standing by Killswitch waiting for us to get our act together. We are going to be playing shows soon enough. Thanks to the fans that came out in support of Times of Grace, we appreciate it so much. I’m very happy to be doing what I’m doing and it is possible because of you guys!

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