IN FOR THE KILL “This Is The Sweetest Kind Of Lie… …You Are The Deadliest Surprise” CD Review

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“This Is The Sweetest Kind Of Lie…
…You Are The Deadliest Surprise”

By: Macavity

Talk about a surprise that is not deadly and you will be talking about this new album by In For The Kill! Third time is the charm with this lineup that recorded the sophomore album of the band. Magic has been made with this group that was likely there in the previous lineups but just got captured on a recording this time.

Gaal steers this talented group of artists through some of the best music and compositions I have heard in a long time. Each tune has a unique “feel” and flavor to it and yet they all come together for a great cohesive compilation that just makes sense and tells an intricate story throughout many musical twists and turns. Although the vocals are stellar, each instrument plays a leading role in these awesome CD. The bass is cleverly tweaked for a heavy sound to make the emphasis of darkness in certain tunes such as “If Darkness Could Kill” and “Betrayed The Sign Of The Sun.” Other ingenious effects are utilized such as fuzz pedals and distortions to make a statement with other songs. Such is the case in “We Put You In The Ground.” Drums just kick your eardrums to get your attention in “King Of All The Pretty Ones” and “The Gold And The Gun.” The latter track is one of the standouts on the disc just because of the pure quality of every musical detail.

It must be said though that this is one of those rare albums that has ten tracks that are all standouts. After listening three times I could not say for certain which was my favorite because they all are for their individual qualities. Each evokes a feeling or a thought and somehow touches memories or a current event and makes it all make touch home.
This is one of those albums that is a must have and one that you won’t go and just select a track or two to like and buy. You’ll want every one!

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