HEAVEN BELOW “The Mirror Never Lies” CD Review By: Macavity

January 6, 2012 by: admin


“The Mirror Never Lies”

By: Macavity

I don’t usually review a single but Heaven Below has put forth an offering that is a “mega-single” with a story behind the music that needs to be heard. The track was written for an organization preventing Child Abuse and is as hard edged as the subject with their album version of the tune. The band plays their hearts out to make you “feel” the song and each note seems to implore you to listen not only to a great band but to a powerful message within the lyrics.

As great as the album version is, the piano and vocal version steals the show on this offering. Reminiscent of so many bands but having a sound that is all Heaven Below and especially Kennison is what this tune in pared down form showcases. That individual and unique sound is definitely found in the album version also. The band placed a club remix and it works for that genre but you have to hit back and go to the previous versions because they really get the bands quality of music and the message of the sound out better. One note that must be made is that the guitars are haunting and shredding and just really unique in this huge world of great guitarists. They stand out though and need to be mentioned for the synergy in which they present their music and message!

Great band and great cause! Stop waiting and go out and get the single and all the versions you like! But, be warned, you are going to want to hear more from this band and have been informed how great they are!

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