Interview with Ol Drake of Evile By: Macavity

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Huddersfield, UK

By: Macavity

Hey Ol thanks for talking with MUEN today about the band and what is going on with you guys.

No, thank you!

Know you are busy touring to support your new album but what inspired you to write the material on “Five Serpent’s Teeth”?

I’m personally always inspired to write music. A lot has happened to us over the past few years, so there’s a lot of different emotions on the album. I’m always writing; whether it’s in my head or on the computer. Nothing inspired the music in particular, it’s just written how we wanted the tracks to sound.

What is different about this album as compared to your previous offerings?

FST is a bit more focused and more to the point. We didn’t want to spend too much time on intricate parts and strange time signatures; people just want to hear good riffs and bang their heads. We wanted this one to be a lot more “in your face”. We’ve managed to capture the fun we had back on the first album, which I’m really happy about. There’s a lot of fast stuff on there; so other than there being a track “for” Mike, there are fast tracks for him. He was all about the speed in metal.

The first two studio albums had great sounds and this one seems to take it up a notch in quality. Do you think there is more of your emotion and feelings in these songs and this album?

There is definitely more emotion in this album. It was the first time back in the studio without Mike so it really hit home; there was a strange yet powerful feeling in the air and I think that comes across on the record. Especially on “In Memoriam”

Do you feel you have found the perfect studio and producer to get your sound just right on recording?

I think we have, yeah. Russ Russell is perfect for us. He knows exactly what we’re after even if we don’t know we’re after it. His minds works so great with our ideas and he puts so much work into the album. We can be up until the early hours of the next day because he feels so passionate about a part. Russ should be commanding millions of pounds for his skills.

How would you describe the bands sound and music to fans in North America and around the world?

Metal. I’m not going to label it or try and big it up beyond anything more than it is. It’s straight to the point Metal with a lot rooted in Thrash Metal. You don’t have to be a fan of Thrash to get into Evile; we like to include a lot of diversity in terms of Metal. We don’t want to write the same song 10 times on each album. I’d just describe it as “METAL”.

What sets you apart from other great bands that are coming or have come out of the U.K.?

I’m not sure, as I’m on the inside looking out. I just know we do what we want to do and don’t try to tie ourselves down to anything. I wouldn’t want to limit myself due to a fan’s/genre’s expectations. As an artist I’d get very very bored. People say they want another “Enter the Grave”, but I don’t, that already exists. We like to keep things interesting and different.

You originally formed the band in 1999 under a different name. You have a great synergy within the members of the band and the music proves that. Can you explain how the band came about and how the members where chosen?

Matt and Ben knew each other at school and they’d jam after school. I was at the same school, just a few years below. I started to join them in jamming, then we just put an ad out in a local guitar shop and we found Mike.

Who do you think is the most influential band on Evile as far as musically and live performance?

That’s really hard to say, because it’s an amalgamation of growing up on all my favourite bands, personally. Sepultura, Metallica, Annihilator, Obituary. There’s too many to list who have inspired me.

You have been doing a lot of shows and have had more than a full schedule. Do you feel that doing live shows is the best way to get your music “known”?

Yes. Touring is the best way to get your music out there. Not everyone wants to take the time to listen to your music on the net or go out and buy the record, which is a shame. I’ve always been a fan of going to stores and buying a product. Live shows is what it’s all about, especially in Metal. You just can’t capture that atmosphere or energy on CD.

What has been the most interesting thing to happen on the road doing all these shows?

I couldn’t say; there’s too many. I’d say Phil Anselmo high fiving Joel and shouting “jump into the pit” at him is quite interesting. (Laughs)

Know you have a bunch of shows for the rest of October but what is planned for the rest of the year for the band?

Gonna try and tour as much as possible. We just want to play everywhere. Simple as that. (Laughs) Spread the word so we can!

Any plans to come to the states soon?

Yes. It’s just very expensive for a band like us. We’re not at a point of making money so it can be a huge loss for us, and being in a band in this day and age means there’s enough debt as it is. If the logistics work then definitely.

Also do you have a tour planned for Europe because you seem to have solid fan base?

We’re heading over there in Jan/Feb if all goes to plan! Horns crossed! (laughs)

I have to ask how the iPhone App is going and what fans can expect from a download of the app?

It’s going great! It’s just a one-stop place for everything Evile. It has our music, our merch, our videos, our tour dates, EVERYTHING. Check it out!

Any plans for an Android version for the huge market in the rest of the world?

Yeah that will be coming soon!

Is there anything that you would like current or potential new fans to know about the band?
We give a shit about our fans and put 100% of our time and money into doing this for the pure love it to play for YOU.

Thanks for taking the time out to let us know about Evile. Have a great time with the new material and tour.

No thank you!!! Please spread the word and support the bands you like!!

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