Interview with Mathieu Nevitt of DORY DRIVE November 2, 2011

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November 2, 2011


Mathieu Nevitt (Vocals)

Nashville, Tennessee

By: Shauna O’Donnell

Hi Mathieu, how are you today?

I’m good, how about yourself?

I’m good, what are you guys up to?

We just pulled into town for the night. We are in Cocoa, Florida. I had to do some crazy maneuvering with the van and trailer.

Well that’s always fun. Is the weather nice at least?

The weather is absolutely beautiful.

I hear a lot of great things about your band. You are well liked out there by fans and bands as well. Let’s start with a little history. How long has Dory Drive been together?

We have been together a little over a year now. We’ve done a lot of things in this past year. We have a lot of veterans of the music industry in this project and it has really helped get us going.

Who started the band?

It was myself and Joey Zak. We were in separate touring acts.  My last project was Echovalve, we were based out of Atlanta Georgia and we had a deal with Rock Ridge/Warner. Joey was from a Midwest band that was doing national touring themselves and they got their name out there well. Joey actually was filling in drumming with the band we were co-headlining the tour with, which was Joan Red. We started talking throughout the tour and decided that it might be cool to start a project and see where it goes from there.

A lot of amazing bands come out of Nashville. Do you find there is a lot of competition there?

I think there are a lot of incredible musicians in Nashville. When it comes to actual bands who are trying to do their own thing or the original side of the spectrum, with what we are doing there are not many to compare to us in the city. We don’t really live in Nashville, we just base ourselves out of Nashville because that is where we do all of our recording and our business.

You guys have recorded some killer songs. I know you have a four song EP and then you have another four song demo. Is that what you have going on?

Yes that is available on

When did the EP release?

Well we are trying to finish it up right now. We still have 3 ½ weeks left of this tour, but about twelve of those days that we have left, we will be back in the studio in Nashville finishing up the album. We have three more songs to complete.

How many tracks are you recording for it?

We are shooting for an actual LP, so twelve, possibly thirteen.

As far as the songs that are downloadable, can people get them on ITunes?

No, we host it on our own server. We are not on ITunes at this point because it takes a while to get set up on ITunes and get everything rolling. We were just in the predicament where we wanted to get it out as quick as we could, make some quick cash and help out with the upcoming tour.

When it comes to the writing process, is it a collaborative effort or do only a couple of you write all the music and lyrics?

It’s really been fun up to this point. Most of the writing has actually been done over communications on the phone and computer. I don’t live by any of the guys. They are able to get together, rehearse and jam. We collaborate over the phone and then we finalize everything in the studio or before shows.

You guys can write while you are on the road.

Yeah, we have actually finished two songs being on the road and rehearsing before sound check.

Who is producing for you and where did you record?

It is an upcoming producer by the name of Ryan “the robe” Rossebo and he has a studio called Studio Red in Nashville. He is doing a fantastic job. He has a great ear for music.

I love it when bands give up and coming producers a shot.

Absolutely, that is an important part of making it in the industry. Everybody needs to help everybody out.

You did a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” What was it about that song that made you decide to cover it?

Personally, it has been a song that I have wanted to try to re-make for a long time. It’s really cool that I am in the position this time with these guys that they were all really down with the idea of the song. It’s one of those songs that when you are a touring act, you can relate with it. You can put conviction into a song like that, that you feel relates to you already. It’s easy to sell it live.  We definitely put our own twist on it. We tried to make sure that the original premise of the song was the way that Michael did it.

Did the song go to radio yet?

No, it hasn’t, we test marketed it. The thing about it is, we haven’t done any national record deal signings yet. When you want to push a song like that or even your first song that is going to represent your band right out of the gate, then we really need to make sure that it is the right thing to do. We are very proud of that song, but everyone is worried about relation to cover. It’s not really what we are worried about. I think we are just worried about making the right move without worrying about anything if that makes sense.

There are some big bands out there that cover songs and the song makes it on the charts.

Absolutley! Personally I think the version of “Dirty Diana” that we put out could definitely put us on the Active Rock Charts, but I’m not really sure that this is an “active rock” band. I think we span a lot more genre that that and I think we have a lot more cross-over opportunity.

Are you planning on making any videos?

We would love to do that. Right now we are still just getting our feet wet with all of the touring. We are trying to get the name Dory Drive out there and that is the most important part. Right now we are marketing our band. There’s not one label out there that is going to jump on any opportunity unless they see that something is going on. We’re all veterans of this and we have been through a lot. We are just trying to do the right thing. If it takes a little longer to do the right thing, then so be it.

Exactly! How did Summerfest go?

Summerfest was fun. The Hinder boys are always a treat to hang out with and they put on a great show. We enjoyed the experience. They are great people and we look forward to doing it again next year along with a lot of other festivals.

Do you prefer playing the festivals or the clubs?

There is stress to all of them, but it is different stress. When you are in the club circuit, you are playing until four in the morning, not getting out until five or six in the morning and waking up at eight to drive another eight to twelve hours the next day. With festivals, we are definitely not headlining material yet, so we play afternoons or early evening, which is always nice to be able to get it done and relax the rest of the day. I can’t say that either one of them would be a personal favorite. As a band and I can speak for all of us, we just enjoy performing. As long as we are getting to play, that is what we are looking for.

That’s the way it should be. You are on the road touring. Are you just touring regionally? Are you going to be adding more dates?

Already since the inception of this band we’ve been very busy on the road. We have done most of the Midwest, the Southeast and we are trying to really capitalize on that right now. We’re not looking for a little circle , but we are hitting all these separate cities that we have hit in the past and had success in with other projects. All these promoters have jumped on board with Dory Drive, so we have been able to do it moderately quickly. It’s really nice to be able to start in the northern part of the states, end up in Florida, come back around and just be busy. We are truly a baby band as they say.

Do you find that the Echovalve and Joan Red fans are coming out to see you?

I think the Echovalve/Joan Red Tour definitely helped spark interest in this project. The promoters had seen us, knew what we were capable of and they knew that we had a fan base that would continue to follow us. Those fans are coming out and we are pretty lucky.

You guys got a killer endorsement deal recently with Greg Bennet Guitars. Tell us a little about the guitars. I haven’t heard of Greg Bennet before.

They are the only guitars that we play. We think that they compete with almost any guitar that is out there today and they are absolutely phenomenal. From the acoustic models that I play to the electric models, you couldn’t ask for more. We are very fortunate for a company like that to get behind us right away. The Great Bennet name and the actual factory do a lot of big things. They actually make 60% of most of the guitars and people just put their name on them. People don’t know that. I think they should, but most people don’t delve that deep into it I guess.

What are the plans for 2012?

We already have a cool team established. We are already working out January and February touring wise. We are going to start shopping the entire album to all the majors in the next month right before the actual industry shuts down. It is pretty incredible for us because the first time we came out of the studio, which was a little over a year ago we hit at that same point where the ears were open because the body was ready for shut down. Most people do not think that they have a shot at being solicited and we were heard right away. There was a lot of anticipation for this project. We’ve had a lot of big dogs paying attention to this band and watching us. We want to hit them up before the holidays and show them what we have accomplished throughout this year.

I wish the very best for you guys. I hope you make it big.

I appreciate it because the other answer to that was I told the guys that we were just going to disband and all go get factory jobs again.

No, don’t do that. I think we all contemplate that once in a while, but there is just something about the music industry that keeps us all here.

Yeah it is all so infectious and it is a disease. I’ve been touring since I was twenty years old. It’s good times, but you have got to watch yourself. We are out here for the music and to gain fans.

It’s a lot of hard work isn’t it?

Oh it is everyday, but it only gets harder.

Yeah I know, I talk to bands everyday. I hear the same thing. I don’t know what the answer is to it all, but I tell everyone to just do the best that they can and not to ever give up.

Well if you ever figure out that answer, you’ve got my number now, so go ahead and hit me up. I’m open ears.

Thank you so much for the interview. Before I let you go would you like to add or say anything?

If you haven’t heard Dory Drive yet, come check us out on Facebook and all our other media outlets. If you see that we are in your city, stop by and say Hi.

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