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Various Artists

By: Macavity

Usually you get a charitable CD put together and there is a fifty fifty chance that the songs and artists will be great or so obscure that it does not fit the bill of helping the cause because of the fragmented non-cohesive mix. The former is definitely the case with “Ready for the Sunshine”! These artists put a lot of thought into their choices and performances to truly honor the charity and the mission to change smiles. The lyrics often refer to happiness and smiling but there are many that have a moody feel to their sound that also touches a chord in you to have a closer listen and look. They come from all around the world but the majority are from Sweden and the USA. Regardless of where they are from you hear beautiful melodic music. It is a rarity to have a disc from one or many artists with all the songs a delight to listen to over and again but such is the case of this CD.

Because of the quality of the artists, all the songs are a standout or they would never have been placed on such an important album. There are a few though that stand out to me personally for the uniqueness of their music or the stunning vocals and music. Such is the case with Club 8 and beautiful vocals singing thoughtful lyrics. Another is the Taken By Trees tune that they included that really makes a beautiful statement on a disc full of amazing music. Lloyd Cole is another one that has an outstanding track with great composition and vocals to pull it off perfectly. These are but three shining tunes but it must be mentioned that all the artists on here are exceptional in their own way. The he album is put together in such a well planned way that each and ever song has a chance to shine but also fits perfectly with each other tune!

The CD could be labeled under many genres as each artist holds their own tag. The best way to describe it is uplifting, inspirational, soothing, and just amazing music! Maybe you have not heard of these songs or some of the artists that perform them but the album title says it best in that they are all “Ready for the Sunshine”! They are ready to be heard by the world stage and noticed by fans for their respective musical talents. This is one compilation album that is a must have not only for the benefit of the recipients of the charitable contribution but just because it is great listening!

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