OTTO VECTOR “EP604” CD Review By: Macavity

October 7, 2011 by: admin



By: Macavity

OttO Vector has done it again and created a disc filled with intriguing tunes that are comprised of stunning vocals, great instrumentation and just the right production to bring it all together perfectly. They sound slightly like The Birthday Massacre but only in the aspect of another amazing strong female vocalist with an ethereal quality to her voice. Don’t be mistaken though as they have completely their own unique sound that is as intriguing as their band name and EP title!

They have a decidedly electronica sound but incorporate the right amount of rock/pop to make their music even edgier and unique. However, just when you think they are going to be too edgy they place more emphasis on silky vocals and fascinating keys and effects. Such is the case with a standout track of “Said The Spider.” All elements of the song are done exceptionally well and in such a versatile way that it is a delight to listen to but easily could be used for a soundtrack as they have done before. All of their songs have to be listened to completely and thoroughly to capture what they may throw into a song to surprise the listener. “Bright Side” is one of those songs where all sounds perfect and then they notch it up even more with a male vocal addition as a bridge. It really compliments the lyrics and makes the song exceptional rather that just great. Another interesting song and another favorite is “Boss” for the pop sound that intertwines electronica without either sounding out of place. They mesh the two with the variations in the vocals to makes it another standout track.

The band is really amazing and seems to have been lost but for the loyal fans that have followed them or discovered them in there live shows. Their music is probably something you have heard in a soundtrack and wondered who that was and where do I find more of their music. Now you know! Grab this EP and also grab up their previous offerings because they are all great in their own right.

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