Interview with Six Weeks Sober October 11, 2011

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October 11, 2011


Lead: Teddy
Guitar: Roman
Drums: T-Roy
Bass: Niko
Keys: Seth

Oakland, Ca

By: Shauna O’Donnell

Hi Guys, how are you today?

Teddy/SWS: We’re great, we love being out here in the great state of Michigan. The weather is beautiful. I guess we lucked out for this first month of tour. I understand it is going to get pretty cold out here. We are not used to cold weather coming from California and all, but we love being out here. We love the crowds and we love the people.

You guys are out on tour right now. How have the shows been?

Teddy/SWS: They’ve been great. The response and the reception has just been all love. It is always a blessing to be out in front of new audiences, gaining new fans and meeting new friends. It is the funnest thing about being out on the road actually. It has been a wonderful experience. This is the second time coming out here to the great Midwest and it is even better than out last tour.

I hear that the shows in the Midwest are incredible because so many people come out to them.

Teddy/SWS: We love coming to the local shows because it’s the local audiences and the everyday people that come out to the shows that keep rock n roll alive. That’s the audience and the core right there. That is the fan base that we are trying to connect with, so coming out and doing local shows in these markets is the best thing that our band can be doing for our career. In that sense, when people say it is great being out in the Midwest, that is why. People out here just love rock music and they keep it alive. Not to say other markets don’t, but from our experiences it is just so vibrant and so alive out here. That is what makes it such a great experience.

Have you been playing with any notable bands on this run?

Teddy/SWS: There are a couple. We have a lot of things in the works right now. I can’t go into the details because there are a lot of contracts and things being ironed out right now. If you go to our website, we keep our tour schedule up to date. There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for this tour. We just cannot disclose that information until all the contracts get finalized.

Is the tour over in December?

Teddy/SWS: Yes, it is a fall tour, so we are going to head back home for the holidays in the middle of December. We started a week and a half ago and we will be on the road until that time. We are then going to start gearing up for our spring tour.

I noticed that you are going to be doing some TV spots on FOX, ABC and NBC. Tell me about that.

Teddy/SWS: Absolutely, tomorrow we are going to be on the Take 5 Morning Show on ABC. The show is based out of Grand Rapids and it is going to be airing in 25 different counties out there. We are going to do a live rendition of one of our songs acoustically and then afterwards I believe we will be having a short interview with them, so they will be talking to us and we will be on the air. The day after that we will be of FOX Television doing the same kind of deal.

So basically you will be going on there to promote the show and play a live set.

Teddy/SWS: Exactly and to promote us as a band and let a larger viewing audience know who we are, what we are about and how they can find out about us.

You have a four song EP out. Is it just called VI?

Teddy/SWS: No that is not the title, it is just our EP. It is self titled. That is currently available for sale right now on You can download the EP as well as the ringtones. We are going to be on ITunes. The publishing paperwork is going to be finalized shortly.

When you are on tour, besides the four songs on the EP what other songs are included in your set?

Teddy/SWS: We have a full set of songs; it is about an hour and a half of material that we play. About 90% of it is original material and we do covers every now and then to get the audience engaged, but when we do covers it is not just a straight cover. We make it our own because we want to keep true to our sound. We adapt music that we love that currently exists from bands and artists that we respect and pay homage to them by making their songs ours.

Are you currently working on doing a full length album?

Teddy/SWS: Yes, after the tour, we are going to be going into the studio and finishing up our full length album. We believe we have enough material and the right material to finally put out an entire full length album. Right after our fall tour and after we get through the holidays we will be going into the studio and recording the last bit of the material.

How many songs have you written?

Teddy/SWS: I would say about fifteen or sixteen songs.

It’s always important to keep writing.

Teddy/SWS: Yeah definitely because you write thirty songs and you widdle it down to your favorite twelve. We are in that process now of deciding which songs we want to include in the album. We have pretty much reached a consensus at this point. You never know though, we do a lot of writing while we are on the road too. You never know where we will be two months from now.

I see you are getting a lot of radio play. Are the stations spinning the song “Drunk N Fight?”

Teddy/SWS: Yes, that is the first official single from our EP and that is the one that we are pushing right now. We also have a music video to accompany that single. You can view it at

The video for the song was great! Who directed and filmed it?

Teddy/SWS: I shot that video.

Is that something that you do for other people too?

Teddy/SWS: Filmmaking has always been a passion of mine. It is something that I have always been into. I had never shot a music video before, so when I first approached the guys with the idea of shooting a music video they were gracious enough to trust me. They didn’t even know what the concept was until I started into the editing phase. They showed up and trusted me the same way I trust them with the music. We got it done and we are all proud of the way it turned out.

Is that your favorite song to play live?

Teddy/SWS: I don’t know, between the five of us I think we all have our different favorites. All of our songs are our favorite songs.

That is the way it should be. What are your plans for 2012?

Teddy/SWS: We are going to have a new album and a new tour to accompany that. On this tour we are going to cover as much of the Midwest as we can and then come next year we are going to try to hit other markets like the Southwest, South. East coast and maybe even international. There is no limit to what our plans and our dreams are. We are going to push the album and get our stuff out in front of as many people as we can.

I think that is a great goal. Would you like to add or say anything before I let you go?

Teddy/SWS: Hi Mom! And we love Michigan. We really do.

Thank you so much for the interview. It was great talking with you.

Teddy/SWS: Thank you.

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