CD Review For Derek Sherinian’s Oceana By: Matty

October 17, 2011 by: admin
CD Review For Derek Sherinian’s Oceana
By: Matty
I first became familiar with Derek Sherinian while searching for Dream Theater live concert videos on YouTube.  I stumbled across a live performance of Dream Theater’s song entitled “Metropolis”, which is one of their trademark songs that have some of the most dynamic usage of the keyboard in a rock-metal band that I have ever seen.  Quickly, I became enthralled with Derek’s effortless playing of the keyboard and somehow taking his dynamics and his musicianship to help create a much more powerful, and appealing sounds to fans of jazz-fusion and metal alike.  After his stint in Dream Theater, Derek has played in Planet X, and has also contributed music for the likes of Alice Cooper, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol, and scores of other rock musicians.  Derek is also in the blues-rock supergroup Black Country Communion.  Recently, Derek has released his solo record entitled “Oceana”,
Derek has received some quality outside help to make guest appearances on this solo record.  Joe Bonamassa, Tony MacAlpine, Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather, Steve Stevens, Doug Aldrich, Jimmy Johnson, and Tony Franklin all contributed to this masterpiece.  The album provides a beautiful collision of jazz-fusion and progressive rock.  Each song on the record tells a beautiful silioquy and brings the story to life, as if it was captured in pictures.  Derek definitely draws on his influences from Jeff Beck and incorporates this style to make it appealing to fans of intelligent, introspective, and thoughtful music.  This album doesn’t need lyrics to tell the story, just the listener’s imagination.  There is not a wasted note on this record, each note played is done with the intent of captivating the listener and with the mission of conquering the world of jazz-fusion/progressive rock.  I was particularly impressd with the track entitled “I Heard That”.
“I Heard That” throws a curveball at the listener.  The mood of this particular track goes into a sense of jealousy and somewhat of an intense sorrow, with the sounds of blues guitar sweeping through and the keyboards taking a suddenly melancholy feel to it.  Steve Stevens, of Billy Idol fame, also provides an edgier rock tune on the song entitled “Ghost Runner”.
This record is for the fans of intelligent, throughtful, and for those that search for an introspective feel into the music.  Derek did an incredible job of handpicking particular musicians to convey the message and the passion in this instrumental album.  There is no “album-filler” in “Oceana”, it’s all quality pieces of music.  Derek Sherinian is currently streaming the album at, in which I want to provide ample amounts of encouragement for you to go to his website and listen to “Oceana”.  Whether, it’s the jazz-fusion rock opuses on the tracks “Euphoria” or “Seven Sins”, or a blues/rock feel to the song “I Heard That”, I strongly suggest that you pick up this album.
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