THE CHUCK SHAFFER PICTURE SHOW “Protect Your Silence” CD Review By: Macavity

September 28, 2011 by: admin


“Protect Your Silence”

CSPS as they are known to their legion of fans have released a new EP to follow up their debut full length album. Don’t get the idea that the EP is any way less of a compilation of songs because of the number of tunes. It is merely that they placed quality before quantity and joined up with their original producer, Justin Thomas, and added Brett Hestla as co-producer for a complete kickass disc packed with great tunes!

The chose tracks that really show their strengths and also their versatility and took it a step further and made some stretches to bring out even more talent in each detail of every song. Although Hestla joins them on vocals on the title track, which is backed with solid basslines and stellar guitars, it is the cohesive quality of the band members that makes the band a delight to listen to live or on disc. Solid vocals that stay in a perfect range and musicianship that compliments each other excellently is the hallmark of this band! Even though it is one of their slower songs I have say that “Bittersweet Lullaby” is a highlight of the album for the complete package of well thought out intricate lyrics and just outstanding vocals and instruments. Having said that all songs on this EP have those qualities! Production on this album seem to have been done so well that it takes a back seat and allows the band to drive with it’s sound and the production only enhancing the listening of what is already a great band!

This is a band that seems not to get enough press or notice worldwide but I have a feeling that will change soon! They are hardworking solid performers that put out the quality of music that is a musician’s music. They have the kind of music and sound that can defy genre and fit in anywhere. They have opened for so many “known” bands over the past few years. I think this disc and that exposure will make them one of those bands that others will want to open for now. Keep an eye out for what the next offering is from The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show and in the meantime get this one and enjoy!

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