LAST WINTER “The Heart & The Broken Compass” CD Review By: Macavity

September 10, 2011 by: admin


“The Heart & The Broken Compass”

By: Macavity

Last Winter has come up with a winning new album in “The Heart & Broken Compass.” They have taken their experiences and sounds of the past alums and refined them for this latest CD. The sound is richer, the production and mixing just stellar and the music is great in ever aspect!

They tag themselves under the genre of alternative rock/power pop but I find them to be in a genre that is called Last Winter. Certainly they have influences in their music from other bands but they are so subtle that they own their own sound completely! “Northern Lights” is a perfect example of how they have melded the power of the instruments with the range of their vocalist exceptional well. “The Architects” combines elements of the band to make a tune that could be easily heard on radio or as a movie anthem. What I particularly like about this album is their ability to switch gears and add in slower alternative and more power pop ballads that grab you just as much as their full on sound. The intricate use of keys and guitars makes all their songs great bust especially these slower tempo songs such as “Arrows” and “More Than You Know.” “Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads” is a standout for the clever title but more so for the great sounds! Of course “Yellowbelly” and “Nightlaunch” are the best of full on rock that lets the band unleash their power!

Grab up this latest offering from Last Winter and become a new fan of a band you should have already heard of and will much more from in the future.  Last Winter and “The Heart & The Broken Compass” are neither a band nor an album to pass up!

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