DEAD END AMELIA “The Point Of No Return” CD Review By: Macavity

July 27, 2011 by: admin


“The Point Of No Return”

By: Macavity

The newest EP of this dynamic band is one that fascinates the mind and delights the ears! From start to finish the band places you in enchantment as you listen to a wide variety of sounds that come together perfectly. They don’t fit into any genre tag as they incorporate melodic rock, pop, metal and even a small bit of industrial into their music. It is that combination that makes Dead End Amelia a band that owns its own inimitable sound and genre.

“Let Me Know” is a classic example of how the band places all the writing and then the different influences together for a stunning tune. Just enough of each element makes the band completely unique from other bands. “Defmetiria” takes the band into more of the metal edge that the band is also known to do with a great artistic flair. “Behold, The Liar” whose lyrics produced the EP name is a standout for the interesting chord changes and variations of tempo and just the raw emotions that comes out in both the music and vocals. A close second is “Change” for the way the vocals and music take on a sultry and dark edginess that is outstanding to listen to and also shows that raw emotion incredibly well.

There is not a throw away tune on this EP and Dead End Amelia can best be described as a passionate artistic group that puts out stellar music that entices you to listen to every song they work on. They have come to a “point of no return” by setting the bar higher with this new EP that is even better than the prior offering. Get your hands on this disc and have a listen for yourself to a tight, thoughtful and very talented band with music that must be heard!

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