DEAD SARA CD Review By: Macavity

June 5, 2011 by: Shauna O'Donnell


By: Macavity

The self titled CD that is set to be released by Dead Sara is one that is a must have for anyone that loves music. It is that simple! The band puts forth the best in vocals, guitars, drums and percussion and amazing lyrics. So many times a band will give you a few of those elements in a stellar fashion but Dead Sara gives those and more all in perfection on this CD. One note must be made toward the producer, Noah Shain, as he has found a way to make this band’s sound come out in perfection on a recording. Every aspect of their passion and emotion is evident without over-production and with astonishing mixing and engineering.

But all of the quality starts and ends with the talent of the members of Dead Sara. Every song on the CD is unique, fresh and completely unexpected. Songs are written from the heart and experiences as even though they may have a different “feel” to each tune they all contain a passion and determination that comes through clearly in each and every song. They break all the barriers of a genre tag and just make music that speaks to them and therefore grabs those that listen and pulls them into their sounds! Such is definitely the case with “Weatherman” with unbelievable guitar work, great chord changes and just enough tweaks and distortion, especially of the vocals, to make a statement of the lyrics more effectively. The distortion and echo effects are used to emphasize rather than enhance.   The band takes on power ballads exceptionally well with “Dear Love” and “Sorry For It All.” Even thought the tempo may be a bit slower and the vocals softer the passion is certainly not any less powerfully evident! The latter has such stunning vocals that you have to listen a few times to catch all the nuances and feelings of the song.  “Timed Blues” and “We are What You Say” take the listener in two completely different musical directions and yet still entrances you with what they play and what they have to say.

This is one of those unique bands that places their feelings out there for the world to see in the manner of their music and show no regret or shyness and have no apologies for whatever the song may say. They push every genre limit and tag and do so exceptionally well. They make you listen by keeping each song unpredictable such that with every turn on the playlist there is an unexpected edge or softness or shred or bassline. Keep a watch out for their CD to come out and get it fast! This is a band that will be worth listening to and relevant for a long time.

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