Rob Carlton – ‘Seven Thunders’ CD Review By: Nick St. Onge

May 16, 2011 by: admin

Rob Carlton – ‘Seven Thunders’

By:  Nick St. Onge

Seven Thunders indeed!  Rob Carlton’s newest offering of hot licks and tasty leads dropped this past April, and is a fine addition to the collection of awesome instrumental and inspirational music he is becoming more and more synonymous with.  Weaving between the soft and contemplative to the angry and aggressive, Rob seems a master sorcerer mixing a bubbling brew of guitar goodness that is too good to ignore.

The opening of ‘Seven Thunders’ puts you in the middle of an intense storm, complete with thunder and pouring rainfall.  Then, like a lightening bolt from Zeus himself, in screams Rob’s guitar shredding, cutting, and wah wah-ing his way through the stormy scene, angrily coaxing the rain to fall harder.  This is definitely a standout track, and deserves to share the title of the album.  ‘Reconcile’ next, is like turning the page in a book.  This short acoustic segue makes you almost picture the sun after the storm, revealing the damage done from the rage before.

‘I Know What It Feels Like’ recalls the bluesier side of artists like Vai and Satriani, moving through fast and slow licks and phrases with masterful fluidity and ease.  Then from fluid shredding to down and dirty rock, ‘Black Jack’ is a dirty drive through straight forward AC/DC style boogies.  On these two tracks especially, I feel the killer rhythm section behind him stands out.  Thunderous drumming and solid bass work really come together to round out and support the instrumental vibe, always keeping the river flowing for Rob to swim with.

Regeneration is another epic balad-esque song where Rob really lets some emotion out.  Through the song there are many small jaunts into crying, yearning guitar themes that seem to ooze feeling and longing or contemplation.  Broken up though are these thoughts with a rocking recurring theme that seems to pull you right back to a realm of optimism, and reassure you all is right with the world.

Another short, pretty, acoustic segue (Circles) and then into ‘Unfinished Business’ the final thoughts on the story told through the previous six songs.  Loose ends are tied, and thoughts are completed full circle.  He puts a very fine punctuation mark on a strong statement of guitar goodness.  It seems almost as Rob saying, “Thanks for stopping by, come back to visit anytime.”  Go check out this album now, and take a trip into the crazy world of Rob Carlton.  Can’t wait for the next visit myself Rob.  I’m very excited to hear what more you have in store.

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