RED SEA RISING “Eye Of The Storm” CD Review By: Macavity

May 7, 2011 by: admin


“Eye Of The Storm”

By: Macavity

Red Sea Rising is a perfect example of how music can come full circle and showcase a pure rock and roll performance how it was originally meant to sound! The one thing the band does is also add just enough elements make them completely relevant and in many places very contemporary and edgy. The latest offering from this band is the best of all the components that make them one to listen and enjoy.

The band does a wonderful job with their music sounding tight and well produced and mixed but not overly done so that you can appreciate all elements of their talents. “Gunner Slinger” is a perfect example of just that tight quality of sound with shredding guitars, a driving bassline and great drums to complete an instrumental song that exemplifies rock and roll completely. The CD has thirteen tracks that cover every facet of rock with full on rocks tunes and then cleverly place power ballads in just the right places to hear the entire quality of the band and the stellar vocals. “Sometimes”, “Just Bleed” and “Unsaid” add stunning keys to the mix to emphasize the strength of the vocals and perfectly placed guitar bridges and solos.

The entire album is filled with their hallmark strong and articulate lyrics, stunning vocals and precision and attention to great music. The CD has that elusive quality of having every track one that you want to play and listen to again. They mix an unplugged acoustic version of one of their songs in to make you try to decide which version you prefer. The answer is both! Another great twist that intrigues the ear is the instrumentals they place to showcase not just a “voice” but that the band as a whole has great musical talent. For a rock enthusiast this is a band that is a must listen to and their CD a must have.

It is a must have album for the purist of rock and roll fans! Go get it!

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