Miss FD – Love Never Dies CD Review By: Leila Dean

March 25, 2011 by: admin

Miss FD – Love Never Dies





Miss FD unleashed her latest flood of emotion on the world on a date of split and mixed emotions.  February 14th was the date of a great loss in her life and, a year later, the date of her release of a highly emotionally charged feat of musical magic.  Love Never Dies is a raw open wound not begging to be healed, but begging not to feel pain any more.  This captivating Ft. Lauderdale, FL native blends perfect production, gorgeous vocal harmonies, deliciously dark electro-goth beats, and beautifully simple piano lines to create an undeniably intense emotional response from her audience.  Her writing style incorporates some of the calm elements you might hear from Delirium and Depeche Mode with vivid club beats.  Miss FD paints a breathtaking landscape of music using complex interwoven melodies that take her listener from bare, stripped down and raw despair to driving, pounding rage.  This is an album I highly recommend listening to with eyes closed and heart open.

~Leila Dean

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