ALTER BRIDGE “Live From Amsterdam”DVD/CD Review By: Macavity

March 7, 2011 by: Shauna O'Donnell


“Live From Amsterdam”


By: Macavity

Have to say this is one of those times when you are really glad you do reviews since this DVD/CD is one of the best I have heard and seen in quite some time! To start off with one thing that must be mentioned about this DVD is the amazing cinematography and use of cameras and equipment to gather the best shots of the instruments and the band members. Done to such perfection by a huge staff and crew they make it seem effortless and unlike many performance video’s the  band does not appear to be aware of the cameras and just seems to be enjoying the best show and audience of the tour. Myles Kennedy seems to be the perfect front man with a great humble and human quality that makes him more like just one of the guys. However, he is able to “orchestrate” small parts of the audience with a wave of his finger. He also makes certain to never forget those that are in the back of the theater. He very definitely makes his passion for the fans and his performance well known in every way. One stellar aspect of the way the video was filmed and then edited that must be mentioned is that not only can you actually see the gear up close such as Scott Phillips’ stellar use of his drum kit and the amazing guitars but you also get a feel for how they bring that talent out to the masses such as close ups of Brian Marshall’s fluid fingerstyle. The guitar cam is particularly impressive as it gives you a view of not only how Mark Tremonti plays with amazing intricacy but also glimpses of the magnitude and emotion of the audience.

The editing is quite simply superior in quality and makes certain that you as a spectator do get the best “seat” in the house to be able to see not only close ups but also the full band performing without flashes that obscure them from the backlighting. It is definitely not your usual performance video as it gives you a perspective of being onstage as well as backstage and also in the audience with perfection and almost as if they are reading your mind as to what you would like to see during any given song. Such is the case with the emotion shown on the faces of the band members during “In Loving Memory.” Of all things that MUST be mentioned, in addition to the filming and editing, is that unlike so many rock performance videos this one has utilized the most perfection of sound so that on a surround sound you feel as though you are there in person and there is not a single bit of distortion, reverb or muddiness of sound. The same goes for the HD cameras and quality used for the filming of this concert. The band has no problem and shows the ultimate in professionalism as well as a passion for what they do by trusting their techs to take the stage and giving them and the staff of the video shoot much credit for all they accomplish with and for the band.

There is so much that can be said about why you should buy this package from Alter Bridge , other than their amazing music, including the amazing sixty minute documentary that answers so many questions about the history and the drive and the passion the band possesses. It also answers a lot about them personally and how they feel about their fans, families and each other which is quite interesting. But even with all that being said, the best thing to do is just buy this DVD/CD combo and listen for yourself. Even if you think you know everything about the guys they will prove you wrong with this. And even if you think you have seen some of the best there is to offer in a live performance video by a band they, again, will prove that you have not until now. They even throw in the unrecorded “New Way To Live” as part of their four song encore to truly make certain you are completely pleased with every bit of what they have put out there for their fans. That is the passion that lies within Alter Bridge…to always make sure every fan and everyone close to them is pleased. They have not disappointed with “Live From Amsterdam!”

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