Marc Malone “Living Proof” Review

December 21, 2010 by: Shauna O'Donnell


“Living Proof” (Live Studio Version)

By: Macavity

Occasionally I get the chance to hear a newly released single and only rarely do I get the great feeling like I have heard an entire EP or CD. Such is the case with the latest single from Marc Malone which features vocals by Michael Moore.

As with all Malone’s songs, the music and melody, guitars, composition, lyrics and arrangement of the tune in incomparable in their unique and amazing sound! The edgy and slightly broody or melancholy feel of this tune is made even more appealing with the vocals of  Moore who hits the emphasis of the lyrics perfectly! His voice, as with so many other that are handpicked by Malone, match the quality of the musicianship impeccably! The melody grabs you in to listen and then once listening intently you hear all the subtle nuances that Malone is known for with a couple of cleverly placed tempo changes and brilliantly layered vocals. The chorus as with many of his songs is a definite catch as is the signature guitar solo that seems so integral to the song and not at all like a solo bridge but rather a highlight of the music in total.

Once again Marc Malone has shown another facet to the gem of his talent and that of whomever he collaborates with in “Living Proof.” Definitely an accurately named tune that shows that artistry in music is still alive and well and Marc Malone is living proof of that once again with this new single!

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