Interview with Distorted Fate

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When did Distorted Fate first form, and how did the band come about?
DF formed in 2006 when, after playing for years in a Metal band called Forewarned, guitarist Bob Spears and drummer Brian Banner enlisted the help of friend Mike Weinberg and Iron Maiden tribute bandmate Aaron Cross to form a new group.

How did you arrive at the band name “Distorted Fate?”
The band name was chosen from a short list by the members.  It originates from the lyrics of one of our first written songs called “Sea of Doom”.

Who are the members of Distorted Fate and what instruments do they play?
Mike Weinberg – Vocals

Bob Spears – Guitar

Aaron Cross – Bass Guitar

Brian Banner – Drums

Who would the band list among their most relevant musical influences?
As a band, we have all been influenced by Slayer, Iron Maiden, and pre-Load Metallica.  Individually, Bob is influenced by Classic Speed Metal such as Overkill and Fate’s Warning.  Aaron is heavily influenced by Death Metal bands such as Aborted and Misery Index.  Brian’s influences originate with Metal Icons Megadeth and Anthrax.  Mike’s influences include power vocal bands such as Queensryche and Pantera.

What are the topics of some of Distorted Fate’s songs?
We like to explore different themes in our songs, and we treat the topics quite seriously.  We tend to write songs about anything we feel strongly about as a band, which can range from exploring the essence of rage and anger, to tales of mystic wonder and alien speculation.

What do you see as the state of metal and hard rock music in today’s marketplace and into the future?
We feel that Metal and Hard Rock are thriving better than ever.  Although some would prefer its demise, with the convenience of the internet and social networking it is easier than ever to get your music out there worldwide.  Although some record companies may not see the music as highly profitable, those that are true to the art have helped the music continue to flourish.

What is the hard rock scene like in the Antelope Valley where your band lives?
The Antelope Valley has always had a reputation for great Metal and Rock bands.  Some may claim it’s from a lack of much else to do in the desert, but with its close proximity to the music scene in Los Angeles, it’s also just far enough away to dull the jaded Hollywood glam.  We do wish there were better places to play in the AV since the best club for concerts closed down a while back.

How does the band feel about touring and/or playing live shows?
We are all about the energy flowing at a live show.  Nothing else can really compare.  Don’t get us wrong, it is fun to record, especially with good equipment and production, but just getting out there and doing it live is what we do best.  We are there to give all we have on that stage.  We would love to plan a tour at some point (what day job?), so we can spread our music to all who enjoy metal!

If you could tour with any two or three bands, who would they be?
In our perfect world, a tour with Megadeth, Testament, or Iron Maiden would be divine!

What do you see in the future for Distorted Fate?
Moving forward, we plan on getting our music out to as many fans as possible.  Whatever else happens.  Bottom line: We love to rock, and plan on giving the fans all they can handle!

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