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Nashville, TN

By: Macavity

Sintonik is a great rock band that has carved out a shining place in Nashville which is usually known for country music. They found a way to break all that down to grab a lot of fans and also make many more fans touring. We caught up with them before they go into the studio to record to find out what makes the band so special. We were able to talk with Kevin (Vocals) and Randy (Bass). The band also has Chad (Guitar), Jason (Guitar) and Kyle (Drums).

MUEN: Thanks Kevin and Randy for taking the time to talk to MUEN about Sintonik.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

MUEN: When did the band start off and how did you all come together?

My brother and I started writing the songs for what would become SINTONIK in early 2006. We began performing and touring regionally based out of Jackson Mississippi in 2007 honing our skills, perfecting our craft and molding ourselves and the music into the vision we’d had in our heads since we were kids. In 2008 we moved the band to Nashville Tennessee to find like minded musicians with as much drive and passion to help us take SINTONIK to the stars. After about 3 months of arduous searching and auditioning we met Jason and Kyle through the MySpace music exchange and the rest is history, the dream combination was complete.

MUEN: In a country based music scene how did you make a name for yourself as such a strong metal/rock band with local fans especially?

SINTONIK seems to transcend the barriers in genres of music. But this was no accident. We create this music to reach fans across the board. We put our heart and soul into every piece of music we write. It seems to touch home with just as many country fans as metal/rock fans. Succeeding as a rock act in Nashville which is definitely a country based scene I believe is a great testament for what we are trying to do. And that’s break boundaries.

MUEN: You have definitely done just that. Now, you self produced your debut EP and released it in early 2009. How was that experience doing it all on your own?

Extremely difficult but very rewarding! At this point we didn’t know anyone in the business yet, so we didn’t have much of a choice. It was great having full creative control and really testing ourselves on every level as song writers. An opportunity my brother and I relished. We really got the chance to show our capabilities as song writers, producers and arrangers. It felt as though we were finally home.

MUEN: The band went out and toured to showcase these songs live and I understand the response was amazing. How was the experience for you?

The experience was unforgettable! We live to be on stage! It’s an addiction that cannot be cured. We love to perform, the smell of the crowd and the bright lights of a new city every night. But nothing can describe the feeling you get when you write a song and you can touch the world with it. It’s your words, your music, your soul, your idea of how it all could be.

MUEN: During that touring you opened for many bands we have interviewed that are kick ass. Who was your favorite to open for and felt your music was the greatest compliment to?

We probably had the best time with Pop Evil, The Veer Union, Saving Abel and Egypt Central. We felt like we fit right in. Their fans loved us and our fans loved them. But we had a great time with all the kick ass bands we’ve opened for. Many of which we are still good friends with and have kept in contact since.

MUEN: Any interesting or unusual things happen while you were out on tour?

There are so many crazy things that happen on tour from day to day. It all begins to blur together. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We did end up getting lost on the top of mountain with 90 degree switchbacks all the way up and down in our 45 foot tour bus and a 15 foot trailer searching for a campsite to camp with Tantric in West Virginia. It was a seriously intense operation to say the least. We ended up at a dead end atop the mountain having to make a 120 point turn around with our bus and trailer still connected. We never found the campsite. Finally made it back to town and hit the nearest hotel. We pull up to the hotel and there’s Tantric, they’ve been at the hotel for over 2 hours and they’re like, what took you so long. The West Virginia leg of the Mind Control Tour was most definitely interesting and unusual. We could write a book.

MUEN: Having covered so much of the states touring, where was your favorite area or place that you want to return to that seem to appreciate your hard rock style?

We haven’t found a town we don’t want to return to yet. We’ve enjoyed every area we’ve rocked but our favorites so far would probably be Florida, California, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas. They’re always so good to us and they really seem to love our style.

MUEN: Changing up some, who writes the music and how do the songs come together for an album?

Randy and I write all the lyrics. Then we all collaborate as a band to put together the music. Normally we start off with lyrics my brother and I have written or just an idea for a song. We then take it to the band room and mold it into the vision we have in our head. As we do this more ideas and concepts become clear and the songs and the album seem to take on a life of their own.

MUEN: You went to Florida and to work with producer Brett Hestla to record five new tracks for your second disc. Did his production bring out a different sound and if so how?

It didn’t really bring out a different sound. It just had a more professional touch and seemed to enhance the quality that was already there. Reinforcing the apparent fact that we are on the right track to where we want to be.

MUEN: Speaking of working with producers and recording I see that you are going back in the studio with Hugo Ferreira of Tantric. How did that collaboration and decision come about?

Hugo has been a huge inspiration to us since my brother and I started writing together in 2003. We went to see Tantric in concert in Jackson Mississippi in ‘04 and that night we knew somehow someway we were destined to make this connection with Hugo. And not only would we become friends but he would be instrumental in our success.  You may not know but Brett Hestla produced Tantric’s 4th album Mind Control not long before we entered the studio with Brett. Over the course of the next few months our tracks were passed to Hugo from Brett and he began to pursue us with his own production plans for SINTONIK. Earlier this year as all these connections came together and we were given the opportunity to tour 25 cities with Tantric on the Mind Control Tour. It was then we solidified our relationship with Hugo and began making plans for him to produce our next album and help us land a major label deal.

MUEN: What can your fans expect out of this new album as far as sounds? Any changes planned to them?

It’s a culmination of everything we have come to be. We feel this album is our launch pad to the stars. It encompasses all that we are with all the progression we have made. We feel our fans will love this album as much if not more than all our previous recordings.

MUEN: One thing I have noticed is that you have a wide variety of cool sponsors. How did you get so many great companies and places to support you?

By being in the right place and right time. Most of our sponsors are just genuine fans of our music and wanted to support something they believe in.

MUEN: What advice would you give to new bands that are trying to make it in this crazy ever-changing business?

Never give up, never give in. It may take you ten years, are you willing to sacrifice everything. It’s going to demand it. You will be tested in every way. But it’s the only way to make it to the top. Be unique and push the envelope. It’s the only way to stand out in today’s music.

MUEN: Other than recording, what does the band have planned for the last part of the year and for 2011?

The goal for the rest of this year is to land a major label deal. As far as 2011, the plan is to hit America with everything we’ve got. Through radio, television and touring, touring, touring. Are you ready?!

MUEN: You have a large collection of fans currently. Is there one thing about the band that would be a surprise to them?

That we’re just real guys doing what we love. Sometimes fans meet us and we’re not hanging from the ceiling and biting the heads off bats and this surprises them. You never know what to expect from SINTONIK.

MUEN: Is there anything I have not covered that you think our readers should know?

I think we’ve pretty much covered it. We are doing some give always on our Facebook over the next few months. Things like signed guitars, drum heads, gift packs and other SINTONIK gear. So look for that.

MUEN: Thanks again for letting us know more about the band and what has gone on and is coming up. We look forward to hearing a lot more from you.

Thank you for having us! We’ve really enjoyed talking with you and sharing a little more about SINTONIK with you and your readers! We look forward to giving you and your readers a lot more to read and write about in 2011! To the revolution!

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