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By: Macavity

This is a band that appears to give no apologies for their aggressive lyrics that are well written and performed.  They just put out an EP that kicks it!

All three tunes on this EP are standouts for their ability to take metal in interesting twists and turns to make something quite interesting and awesome to listen to. “Server” has full on thrash metal but places an interesting twist with a power ballad as a middle bridge. The bridge makes the tune all more the interesting as it showcases the lead singers great vocal range and ability to articulate intense lyrics exceptionally well. “Lidocaine” is pure metal but has again some fascinating changes in tempo and vocal effects that are complimented by kick ass metal guitars! Hard to accurately describe all the variations and effects but safe to say you won’t be disappointed with this track! “For Our Fallen” is a full on metal tune filled some powerful messages but delivered in the appropriate aggressive metal sound.

An additional kick ass attribute of the band is their ability to merge their individual talents and tastes in music to make a fresh metal sound that also has some catchy melodic parts. Heavy riffs combined with precise execution of intricate guitar solos make each song of great interest to listen to. This debut CD is just the beginning of a great band that can take metal to another level of creativity! Head off to some heavy headbanging by grabbing up this EP through their MySpace.

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