The Last Felony CD Review

August 18, 2010 by: admin


“Too Many Humans”

By: Macavity

The Last Felony thrashes their way to an even more kick ass sophomore album than their debut of “Aeon Of Suffering.” They filled this album with an even more refined set of tracks to please any deathcore fan. Heavy on the dark technical sound it is a perfection of what a band would want to offer their loyal fans after such a great debut. Not an easy feat for most bands but The Last Felony has pulled it off!

The title track shows the band has matured in their ability to articulate their lyrics within the machine gun drumming and thrashing guitars. The vocals are deep and powerful enough to make this the total package. “Quandry” is anything but that with a great intro and outro wrapped around some of the best screaming angsty singing. “Overrated Existence” is another track that illustrates the bands ability to pull off a perfect dark deathcore tune with each element of the band melding seamlessly.

This is a band that has honed their sound and knows what they want to put out there for their fans and that is full on headbanging technical dark deathcore. When picked apart each band member can be heard performing in a stellar fashion and staying true to the bands signature sound. They have put forth a ten track album that is filled with their signature sound and full on energy that they are known for. Not one track deviates from this high energy. If you are fan of Aegaeon or Oceano then this band will be right up your alley. The main difference that sets them apart is their attention to the technical side and quite simply stellar performances by each band member. Grab this CD and place on repeat and listen to some killer darkness from this kick ass Montreal band.

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