Black Haze: DNA CD Review

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By: Macavity

Great melodic band with a unique rock and industrial feel that makes you think you can try to pinpoint a comparable band until you hear more and then find they own their own sound and it is great! Definitely not your typical Portland or Seattle sound which is great because it is fresh and new without a copy of anyone. There is no “haze” about them and they are quite clear they are a band that knows their craft and write and perform it exceptionally well. Rarely do you hear music that is placed on a CD where you can almost “feel” what the artist is trying to convey but such is the case with this EP.

“Reaching For The Sky” shows that seemingly elusive quality that so many bands strive for. They utilize clever vocal samples to drive home the point of their lyrics. “Never Let Go” goes straight to the roots of the band and gets a fuller angry rock sound complete with great riffs and richer backing vocals. It also includes an amazing guitar solo that really seems to make the rest of the song stand out just to encompass that solo. “Dream” is the darkest and the most haunting rock tune on the CD and a standout for showing the versatility of this great band and each individual talent found within the members. “Auto Zero” is another haunting rock song with a slower tempo that adds just the right amount of angst and sultry to make for an interesting and delightful song to listen to over and over. “It’s Over” has some elements that remind you of Duran Duran with their layered vocals and precise attention to every note that is played and makes for another great tune.

The band has perfected not making a “cookie cutter” EP that has the right number of this and that type of tunes. Rather, they placed the best and most varied of their enormous talent in to five songs that truly show what diversity the band possesses. Even though it is only the five tracks you do have a desire to listen to them over and over and get the distinct feeling that you have listened to a complete rich album. Their stellar performances and perfection of not over, nor under, production and mixing makes this a must listen to and buy for any rock fan!

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